Everyone, and I mean everyone, who participates on the internet in terms of forums or just communicating with others by email, have the capacity to make their living writing. Most people have this conception of being a writer, as being some sort of literary genius, however, most successful writers simply write like they talk. It is the golden rule.

I don’t mean using slang or having spelling mistakes in your work. But a 10 second scan with a spell checker fixes this problem quickly. What I mean, is people think they have to be Hemingway to get paid for a writing job, when all that is required is to fill some space with a targeted small amount of writing.

You have to look at the people paying for this work, the people that pay you to write, to understand how this works. Webmasters are the largest collective group of writing work consumers on the planet. Webmasters make websites and have a huge need for short competent articles on a multitude of topics. Why would they pay you for your work? Because typically, they want to put advertising next to your articles or they want to sell the work on to others. Either way, the point is they want padding. They want some substance and all you have to do is do some quick research on the topic required, and describe those concepts in your own words in an original way. How simple is that?

To be a writer, you only need the willingness to write and to do the simple steps to get your writing sell-able and that just means two steps. First just spill out your article onto the page, which takes approximately 3 minutes. Then run a spell checker over it and fix any spelling errors. Then take a minute to Read the article and repair any awkward phrases or clumsy grammar. Do that, and your article is worth money!

Source by Jamie Denning