Think you can make quick money online writing reports? You bet you can! You can make a killing selling them in the $ 7- $ 17 range, but I do not like selling them as much as I like to just give them away for free! Huh? Say what? (That's right, but more on this later πŸ™‚

So how do you quickly write a report?

First off, you want to write the report on a topic that is * HOT *. A topic that is being actively searched for online. This will make it easier to get traffic (and buyers) for your report.

Be sure to spend time to do some keyword research and target marketable keywords in your piece. Always remember … one of the most important aspects of writing anything for online publication is, in a word … relativity! Whatever your writing an article, blog post, or your report, keep things relative to the topic! This will make your report more marketable, and easier to get traffic to, as well.

Spend some time to craft a good title. Use your main keyword / s in the title, preferably in the first part of your title. This will again make it easier to market what you write. And will be relative to the search queries of your perspective visitors / customers.

I like to make an outline with the chapter titles and then just fill in the information to expound on each chapter title. Make sure your writing flows, and is an easy read. I like to get right to the point (remember … this is a report not an eBook!) Make sure you answer the readers questions, make sure your report has value to the reader.

Be sure to include relative links, to products and services (yours or affiliate offers) that will help the reader. I like to include links to other websites that could prove helpful as well (even if I get nothing out of it πŸ™‚ Many marketers frown on this, but I always want to put my reader first! Give them what they want … good, solid, relative information.

I like to think of my reports as handy little desk-top references for my readers. Something they can refer to again and again as they work through the problem you've addressed in your report.

And please, do not limit yourself to the 'make money online' niche. There are tons of niches that are less competitive and could prove to be even more lucrative.

Be creative … think outside the box. Give your reader exactly what they are searching for, always put your reader first. Try to over-deliver with everything you write online. This will bring you more of what you write for … clicks, leads, sales, and money. Not to mention your reputation (do you want to be known for shallow rehashed info, or useful, current content that consistently over -ivers?)) I prefer the latter myself.

As I said above you can easily sell your little reports for as little as $ 7. Do you think you could make quick money selling them for that … oh yeah … all day long! I'm amazed at how quickly it can add up!

Ok, so how does one make money just giving these reports away? Easy, you can put links to your product or service in your report, and you can 'give' the report away, but only after you have gotten the prospects email address, and added them to your mailing list.

Write a report that 'catches on' and it could become viral and spread all over the Internet. These 'viral' reports can build you a very large list quickly, and because it's free (people love free stuff) conversions can really take off!

Here's another idea that can make your report very desirable to other marketers. Make it 'rebrand-able'. This is where you allow other marketers to include their own affiliate links within your report, and make money giving it away. This could make your report go viral much quicker and bring your site tons of traffic.

I hope this gives you the incentive to become an author (has a nice ring to it … does not it?) So start writing your first report, and get into the game!

Source by Jerry Lindenburger