Well it is proven that making money online is possible and people are making $ 100, $ 200, and even some $ 1,000 checks here and there. But what does it take to earn an actual living online in order to have financial freedom? 8 years ago when I started making money online I thought I was living the life by bringing in those 100 dollar checks here and there on top of my full time job income. After a while I thought there has been a way to make a living from this without me having to go back in to work. 8 years later I have found the way to do that and I'm going to share with you the " 2 critical ingredients" on how to earn a living online:

1.) Affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing it is promoting other products online products and you receive a large percentage of the sales of those products that you are promoting. The best thing about it is that you do not need a website and you do not need to have your own product as you are simply promoting someone else's product. The only thing you need is to learn the proper techniques of promoting products online. It is very easy to learn, you would just need to learn it from the individuals that are already successfully doing it.

2.) Some companies pay you once when you make them a sale and some will pay you residually. While looking for a company to promote their products, it is so important that you make sure you choose one that pays you separately each time you make a sale. This is how you build a business and earn a living online. You will continuously keep making new sales but your monthly sales that you've made in the past are going to continue to benefit you over and over and over many times. If you decide to take a vacation you can do so and continue to receive income.

Using both of these ideas will start earning you a living online without a problem! They are the key factors that I use to run my own online business today. Always remember that there are many companies out there that would do anything to win you over to promote their product as it not only benefits you financially to do it, it also benefits them financially to have you promoting their products.

Source by Dave Fider