If you are working from home looking towards making extra money, it is vitally important to know that what you get involved with is not a rip off. Many times, people simply do not know how to find the work they are in search of, and actually get paid for it. You need to be able to distinguish what viable opportunities look like and be on the lookout for what to avoid.

The first and most important rule to always remember is that you should never have to pay anyone to work for them, they should be paying you. When you see things like envelope stuffing and are asked to send in money, avoid those so-called opportunities like the plague. It can not be stressed enough that while making extra money from home, there is never any valid reason to pay a fee even if it is supposed to cover shipping and handling unless otherwise if it is for informational material that you feel is necessary to teach you the skills that you will need.

While the rule out many of the so-called opportunities that we identified as scams, we must now ask ourselves what opportunities for making extra money are valid? Believe it or not, there are legitimate ways to making extra money working from home. One such example would be data processing and another is customer service.

This can mean taking orders, answering questions, fielding troubleshooting calls, or a number of other customer related activities. The vast majority of these types of opportunities are legitimate, the pay can vary greatly and there are no guarantees. You will usually see offers for a per minute talk time, meaning you are paid only when you are on the phone speaking with customers.

This is great news for people who are making extra money with busy clients, because the calls are there and the potential to make more than $ 12- $ 12 an hour is possible. However if you happen to get work with other clients that have a lower call volume, you may see paychecks reflecting an hourly wage of less than $ 5 an hour. Please understand that the business of making money from home is not an easy one, but if you are in fact serious about it there are most definitely legitimate opportunities that you can take advantage of.

You can start by visiting forums on the Internet where a lot of information is exchanged. This is also a valuable place to learn if certain making extra money opportunities in our scams or are in fact legitimate. There is a great deal of competition or some of these positions so you must be tenacious and do your homework.

Source by Morgan Hamilton