Fundraising needs are seemlessly endless! Those of us with children know this all to well! Sports leagues, schools, Scouts, bands, church groups and more all need funds to survive. The first step is to be sure the group has nonprofit 501c (3) tax status.

Once that is in place your group is ready to go. It's no surprise that some of the initial ideas are the ones with which we are most familiar. Garage sales, bake sales, door to door donut and cookie sales, car washes and simply asking for donations. These are tried and true and when you have an army of enthusiastic kids at hand they can be effective. But have you considered going cyber?

Creating a very simple website and setting up a PayPal account that allows you to take credit card pledges will increase your reach substantially. It's also a quick way to communicate news and important information about you group.

Use your in-house contacts. Is someone connected to the group in advertising or PR? If so they may be able to help create an ad or press release about your effort pro bono. This ad or press release can carry your web address for more information. Any means to get the word out helps!
For some projects, grants may be a possibility. A web search can help you identify local, state or national foundations that fund certain types of programs. Focus your efforts on a few simple ideas. Be sure to thoroughly try each before moving to the next. In the end the real reward is not just making money. It's seeing the effort of the group make your project happen!

Source by Lewis Bennington