The more people go on the internet the more people are trying to make money on the internet. And there's nothing wrong with that except except most people are trying to make money the same way attacking the same opportunities and this is causing a massive business incest.

What is happening now on the internet is the same as if there's a baker in one street teaching his apprentice that opens a bakery in the same street and then they both teach another apprentice and these open a bakery in the same street and it goes on and on and on.

And after some time you only have bakeries in the street and only 1 or two are making enough money. This is destroying all potential on the internet for most of the people that want to start making money on the internet.

If you want to start making real money you need to have a goal to achieve you need to make a difference with your competitors. This is true in real life and this is true on the internet.

Do not make the same mistake and then be frustrated and go back to your daily job.

The only way you will make money on the internet is when you are able to sell something that is bringing value to your customers in whatever niche or market you are in.

This is the most important keyword you need to start with VALUE that is what your customers are looking for and what you need to provide.

Now this is easy said but what is value and what is it worth. I did not know one thing about making money on the internet when I first started. I had no guidance and I tried to make it on my own. Boy was I wrong. It was so complicated and it was so expensive that I almost went bankrupt in the first few months. I realized that I needed help and started buying books, programs, one on one counseling and I must say I learned a lot. However it took me a long time before I started to make some money and if not for the help of a lot of my friends and family I would not have been able to survive.

There's only one good advice I can give you a good mentor while it's a company, a friend, a club, a relative and do not spend too much money (if you can not afford it). try to earn money immediately, if that's not possible find another mentor because I have learned that it is possible to start on the internet and make money right away. Not millions of dollars as many claim that they can show you how to earn that much. It's just not true. But some money enough to pay for the counseling. If you can achieve that keep on going you are on the right way to make a living out of your internet business.

Source by Jan Metten