If you have been searching for ways of making money on the web, you'll probably find page after page of people claiming that it's super easy and you just have to buy their expensive $ 97 eBook and they'll let you in on their exclusive secrets .

The truth is that while it's not that difficult to make money online, you really need to have a few marketing skills under your belt before you can expect to make your first dollar.

And sadly even most $ 97 eBooks are not going to help you unless you know a bit about internet marketing and how to get traffic first. (That's not to say that every eBook out there is worthless, just that you will need some experience and knowledge first if you are ever going to benefit from any of their 'secrets').

So let's get back to basics and find out how to make some money online.

First of all you need something to sell. That might be your own product, or it could be someone else's that you promote and earn a commission. Let's pretend for the rest of this article that you have decided to be an affiliate marketer and promote other people's products.

Whether you choose to promote physical products from Amazon or eBay or information products from ClickBank or PayDotCom, the main principles apply. You need to get in the head of a potential customer and find out how that particular product will be able to solve their problems.

It's a lot easier if you find a problem first and then solve it with a product rather than the other way around. Most new affiliate marketers choose the product first and then try and convince a customer to buy, but unless you are experienced at marketing this can often fail. So problem first, and then product.

Next you need to find somewhere online to talk about the problem and how the product you've chosen solves that. You could even give the customer a choice where you earn a commission no matter what product they choose. That website could be one you directly own, or a blog or webpage online. It does not really matter.

Finally you need to get traffic to that page. The more traffic that you can get to your page, the more likely you will be able to make a sale and earn yourself some cash. There are many ways to get traffic from buying it (pay per click) or using free methods such as writing articles (yes, this article is going to send me traffic to the links that I include at the bottom of this page).

If you want to know the most important factor in making money on the web then it would have to be getting traffic to your page. If you do nothing else, try and spend the majority of your time generating visitors to your page and you will be able to make a decent living online without difficulty.

Source by Tracey A Edwards