Yes, you can make money in your spare time and work from home on the internet!

You know that customers pay money for products, and sellers pay money for advertising. So you can capitalize on this, and make money in 2 ways:

Method # 1 – Sell something – customer pays you in exchange for a product or service
Method # 2 – Advertise something – seller pays you for getting them more sales

The beauty of the internet is:

* Most products are electronic, and electronically delivered to customers, so no need for storage, physical delivery, time delays, etc. You can work from home.
* Majority of advertising for electronic products is done by electronic means, so no need for newspaper ads, billboards, etc.
* Worldwide market:
* almost 7 Billion people in the world
* only around 25% are internet users (around 1.7 Billion)
* these users have risen by around 400% in the last 10 years, rising quicker and quicker!

Both methods are essentially used in traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses (eg. A bakery – the purchaser pays the bakery for a pie, and the bakery pays the TV station for advertising). The only real difference is the type of product and advertising medium – both of which are predominately electronic.

Method # 1 Detail – The main products sold on the internet are information-based products, like ebooks, audiobooks, videos, etc. These are usually some kind of instructional media – which helps people in some way. For example, an eBook on "How to grow larger tomatoes", or an audiobook on "How to deal with stress". Just think about it – I'm sure there's many things you've had to research to find the answers to, or discovered by chance, that other people are willing to pay to get the answers or advice from you. Method # 1 is essentially selling this information to others – making an ebook, video, or audio recording and selling it. Remember – internet users are information junkies – that's why you're here reading this is not it? To get information.

Now, how do people find these products to buy? Method # 2 revolves around making money by advertising these products. Not surprisingly, the advertising of these electronic media products is done mainly electronically. This is quite simple – it involves putting advertisements for the products in areas of the internet that people will see them If a person sees your advertisement for the product, and goes to buy the product, you get paid a commission by the seller. The beauty of this method is you do not need a product – you just market other peoples products, called 'affiliate marketing'. All you have to do is make sure you put the ad in a space which people are enticed to go to (eg articles like this, blogs, internet pages, reviews, etc.). This is called internet 'traffic' – the more traffic (people) you have viewing the area where the ad is, the more people will click the link, buy the product, and the more online money you'll make for advertising it.

So get to it – come up with an information product and sell it, or start marketing other people's products – it really is quite easy, and can be done in your spare time. There's plenty of detailed information around the different ways to do both methods – to make online money.

Source by Andy Co