Some people complicate the concept of making money online.

The reason is the majority of people who have made money online … have done it by teaching others how to make money online.

In other words … they have never actually had any other business enclosed teaching people how to make money online.

I have personally had over 13 profitable niches that make over $ 1,000 profit per month. Each niche was totally different from the next.

So what's the secret to making money online?

You must master the art of acquiring customers and converting them into sales. You must become a master of marketing. If you know how to get customers to buy products … you will never go hungry again.

It does not matter what niche you go to. I recommend getting started by studying the masters of marketing. People like Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, Jay Abraham, Gary Bencivenga, and many others who developed the principles of getting people to buy from you.

Most people online today are just watered down versions of the original masters of marketing.

Now there is a shortcut version while you get your marketing skills up to speed. And that is to use templates. Simply model what has worked for others in the past, but put your own unique spin on it.

There is a reason it's called "copy" writing. Even the best in the world are consistently swiping ideas from one another.

The way to make money online is to master marketing and the fastest way to do that is to simply model what is working for other people. Do not try to reinvent the wheel!

Source by Alex Maleve