Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. But it is also a lot more than that. It also provides numerous online services and advertising. This presents one of the easiest business opportunities on the internet. How? Google lets you in on its billion dollar action by providing an easy to use system through Google search, Google AdSense, and Google referral programs. These three methods each provide a chance to earn income.

It is easy to join. One just clicks a banner advertising Google AdSense and you are taken to the Google website where you sign up, enter your details and get an account. As the money builds up you can choose to be paid through electronic funds transfer or by check. You can enter your account everyday and see how many clicks have occur and the percentage rate that is converting into income (around 3% on average) and how the balance is increasing. You are given a unique publisher number which you use as the center of your Google code to ensure you get paid. You can also enter this on other sites like artistler that will share Google revenue with you. You then enter AdSense setup and choose which of the three options you want, either AdSense for search (the search bar), AdSense for content (ads on your site) or AdSense referrals (banners that earn income by bringing customers to google).

The first way to make money is to place a Google search bar on your site. This provides your website or blog visitors a chance to search the web and by using the search bar they can generate you income. You can also select to include your own site in the search bar so you get a free search engine for your website.

The ads like the one below this article if clicked on will generate income on a pay per click basis. Clicking on one of the ads opens a new website.

One important warning. Never click on your own website ads. Google will ban you if you do this.

Finally the Google banners advertising adwords, adsense, firefox and the like gives others the opportunity to join the Google program through you and you can make some affiliate income through that link as well.

Source by Alastair Harris