Weebly is a great site that will help you to set up your very own website without you having to know any HTML or CSS. Some call it a blogging platform, but in my opinion it is more like a website, in the sense that your new entries will not appear on your front page, unless you basically add them. You are in full control of the navigation links between the pages, and blog entries.

What is Great About Weebly

Weebly is great to help you get your first website up. It helps you to get the taste of what it is like to have control of your own design, without overwhelming you. They provide you with a template, and you can then use the drag and drop method to play around with your own design and make it unique to suit your needs. You have the choice to choose a free subdomain, or you can purchase your own domain name to help you to look more professional.

Weebly makes it extremely easy for you to build back links to your main website by using the custom HTML form, or by inserting links into your articles. Back links are important if you want to make money with any website, and Weebly is the perfect place to help you to create them.

If you have a YouTube account, and are promoting videos, Weebly allows you to embed these videos, as well as photos from flickr, or upload your own photo gallery.

On top of that, you can also make money with Google AdSense, and other affiliate ads. If you have your own products to sell, then you can even create sales pages, and decide whether you want Google Checkout or PayPal as a method of receiving payment.

Mini Sites

Weebly is the perfect platform to help you get started with building mini sites. Mini sites are small, as they usually only have 1 to 5 webpages and are very targeted towards a specific keyword or keyword phrase.

Free to Get Started

Weebly is free to get started, but you can upgrade to a pro account which will give you even more features than with the free account. However, there is no need for you to upgrade to a paid account until until you begin to see some money coming in.

So you have nothing to lose when you sign up and build your own website with Weebly, as you have the choice as to when you want to upgrade.

Source by Helen Reimer