Sometimes a topic is too broad to only offer one product on it. If this is the case, then you have several options that will help you earn more money on your information as well as provide more detail for people who are buying your product.

In this scenario, let us say you are selling an eBook which tells people how to find foreclosure properties and flip them. There are several stages to this entire process and a ton of details. Due to the amount of information on this topic necessary to do it well, you will need to create several ebooks. The hardest part is where to divide up you information.

Locating your products

Find a good point in your eBook to create a break in the information and partition of that information as its own ebook. So now you have an eBook on finding and buying foreclosures, one on fixing and flipping foreclosures and finally one on how to sell a home in 30 days or less.

Those 3 ebooks do make a great progress but they have extremely valuable information that you really do not want to simply give away. You would make less money that you should share your knowledge and experience. The easy solution is 3 different teleseminars to promote each product!

Promoting your new products

Plan and execute three separate teleseminars that promote the information in stages. The best way would be to get the people who are buying the first ebook, or seeking that information, to take a look at your teleseminar on how to fix and flip. Once you walk them through the entire progress of your informational products, you may want to re-offer them the entire package, with a video series or one on one coaching as you high up-sale.

This way, the customer gets information in a volume and format that is easily digestible, and you get the appropriate amount of money from all the knowledge you have on the subject. Creating win-win deals put a smile on everyones' face, because everyone gets what they want!

Source by Gavin J King