When it comes to Managed Forex Account investing there really is only one solid choice as far as we are concerned and that is the Managed Forex Authority.  They have 3 combination strategies which have like 30 separate diversified strategies combined together to make up these systems for their clients to invest with and add to their portfolios.  This is an industry first in the Forex Trading and we can only hope that more providers out there will follow suit and offer similar diversified combo systems to their clients too.  I don’t know about you but I have had absolutely no luck with these Forex managers in recent years, no matter how good they look on paper, no matter how good the website is or how reputable it looks, no matter if it’s top of google or not, the results have always been loss, loss, loss.  I think the best manager I had went on about 5-6 months or so with a small profit but then he too had a crash of 20-30% which in my opinion is really amateur to lose that much money at once.  Either the risk is cranked up way too high or the trader really is not very good at all.  Usually a combination of the two I have found.

Anyways, these guys have some really great systems here called Alpha fund, Omega Fund and Beta fund.  The Alpha system is a diversified intraday system with 12 strategies combined in to the combo system.  The Omega system is a different diversified system using swing trading and a separate 12 strategies combined in to that combo system.  Finally there’s the Beta system which is a private Swiss development team who have joined the Managed Forex Authority this year to offer their combo system too.  It combines an intraday system as well as a highly advanced News trading strategy which really helps to boost up the returns most months with very minimal risks! 

It has been a long long time since I have been this impressed with an investment however I am happy to say that I am fully satisfied with these 3 combo systems.  These guys are offering some sweet Managed Forex Accounts for us to diversify with and I will not hesitate in recommending them to anyone out there.  If you are looking to make some consistent money then there really is only one solid option out there and that is the Managed Forex Authority.  You will not be disappointed with these guys!  Just try them out and if you’re not satisfied then you must not like money or something because you are in for a nice surprise my friends!  Seriously, the consistency is pretty amazing compared to everything else that’s out there.  Sure there are still ups and downs but they are not crazy and I still have not had a losing month yet! 

All I can really say is that you should seriously consider giving these guys a shot,  you can thank me later.  I wish everyone the best of luck with your investing!  Cheers!

Source by Matt Mayer