Management Software is a revolutionary new type of Forex trading platform. Forex trading can be a difficult thing to get right, especially if you are a beginner. Forex can definitely be a really profitable type of trading, but at the same time, if you don’t know what you are doing, it can cost you a whole lot of money. This is where Christopher Fernard and Management Software come into play. Management Software is a brand new Forex educational and trading platform that will make investments on your behalf in order to ensure that make a profit. Big question that we are going to answer, is MS Management Software a legitimate scam free binary autotrader or is it just another fake scam money making garbage created to steal our hard earned money?

When it comes to trading and making investments, you want a team of experts at your side to help you achieve your goals. This is exactly what Management Software is. Don’t be fooled, this is not one of those barely functioning automated trading platforms. Management Software is a management tool, kind of like a stock broker for Forex.

The team of expert hedge fund managers behind this program helps to ensure that your dollars are being used in the most efficient way possible. With your life being as busy as it is, you don’t want to waste all day trading currencies. Management Software will save you time and make you money at the same time. We are here to do a Management Software review, particularly a scam review.

Based on what we have seen over the past few years, we would say that most of these trading programs are scams, but that is not the case with Management Software. We have done an extensive amount of research on this program and have come up with some great results. We are very happy to say that at the end of the day we found nothing which would indicate that Management Software is a scam in any way, shape, or form. This is the real deal so let us tell you why.


What Is Management Software?

Management Software is a Binary Options (Forex type) trading program like you have never seen before. Up until now, most of these platforms have been advertised as fully automated or semi-automated trading programs that will do all of the work for you. They are usually based around some kind of encompassing algorithm, one that nobody checks for efficiency on a regular basis, one that probably doesn’t really work. However, Management Software is totally different. While it does do all of the trading work for you in the sense that you don’t need to execute trades yourself, and is therefore automated in a sense, the real power comes from the hedge fund managers. To be clear, you can choose a full auto or semi-auto mode to trade with, but there are always the managers behind the scenes to make sure that things go smooth.

Management Software is managed by an expert team of long time hedge fund managers with hundreds of years of combined experience in the world of Forex trading. These hedge fund managers, of which Christopher Fernard is the leader, work to ensure that your investments are as profitable as can be. These guys are real gurus when it comes to trading in the world of currencies, and they put their knowledge to work, and they do it for you. Hedge fund managers know what pressure is, so we are very confident about the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. At least it isn’t some emotionless algorithm in charge.


Don’t get it wrong, the hedge fund managers still use state of the art algorithms and trading strategies to help them execute trades. However, unlike some solely automated trading program, they don’t just rely on those algorithms and strategies. They rely on their own expertise as Foreign Exchange traders. Management Software is also a very valuable educational tool as well. For any beginner trading who doesn’t know what they are doing, Management Software is a great program because it will help to teach you the ins and outs of how Forex trading works. Educational tools, pamphlets, videos, and expert mentoring are all things which Management Software provides you with. If you are not an expert Forex trader yet, this program will ensure that you are in no time at all.


Management Software  – Who Is Christopher Fernard?

Now that we know exactly what Management Software is and what it does, let’s talk about the brains behind the operation, Christopher Fernard. You see, we’ve been in this game for a long time and we can recognize a sleazy scam artist when we see one. Many trading programs use scammers and/or paid actors to pretend to be some kind of inventor, owner, or CEO of the company and program. Having a phony at the helm inevitably leads to failure, theft, and your money disappearing right in front of your eyes.

Fortunately for you and for Management Software, Christopher Fernard is definitely not a scam artist. Christopher Fernard is an expert hedge fund manager who used to work at some pretty big name investment banks, ones which earned millions of dollars per year. He also owned his own little trading and investment firm for around five years before he decided to start making his own trading program, Management Software. It is a really good sign that Christopher is the real deal, because if we didn’t trust him, there is no way we would trust Management Software, but we do trust him!


We did a ton of research on this guy and everything points in the right direction. We found a whole lot of differing search results on him, we found his residence, and even some social media accounts too. What we mean to say is that this guy is not some phony paid actor hired to read a script. Christopher Fernard is the real deal and he is the genius behind Management Software. He, his old company, and his current company all exist or did exist without a shadow of a doubt. It is definitely a great sign that we can prove who Christopher is, what he is all about, and that he is in fact the real deal.



How Does Management Software Work?

Of course one of the most important parts of any trading software is how it works? And can Management software generate decent profits? So, let’s go over in some detail as to how Management Software functions to generate a profit for you. Now, usually when it comes to trading programs, they simply use some kind of algorithm to decide which signals are the best to execute. This is partially true with Management Software, but there is a big buffer in the middle, a fool proof fail-safe of sorts.

The hedge fund managers are what we are talking about here. These hedge fund managers know what they are doing and they know how to make trades in order to be as profitable as possible. What is really interesting is that just like hedge funds, with Management Software, individual sub-holder’s accounts are combined into one big trading fund, kind of a like a hedge fund. The hedge fund managers then execute trades with these groupings, just like a hedge fund in the stock market, thus increasing their efficiency while also minimizing the loss of risk.

Through the power of attorney, the hedge fund managers gain control of your trading account, combine it with hundreds of others, and start making profits like no tomorrow. Yes, the hedge fund managers to also use complex trading algorithms, sound money management principles, extensive market analysis tools, and much more in order to make successful trades, but they are also relying on their own knowledge and expertise. Management Software is designed for capital preservation with the goal of minimizing risk and making big profits in the short and long term.

The primary trading strategy which the hedge fund managers utilize is that of investing in the world’s largest and most liquid currencies such as the USD, The Euro, The British Pound, and many others too. There is also a certain aspect of stock index and commodity futures trading that goes on here. Luckily for you, the hedge fund managers take care of all of this for you.

High Liquidity Currency Pairs in which Management invests:

EUR/USD currency pair has the highest order flow and thus the best liquidity in the entire Binary Options & Forex market.Other strongest currencies used in MS Software are:





One of the main strategies used by Management Software and the hedge fund managers is to analyze trends and key support/resistance indicators based on the short to medium term long-short boundary track trading methodology. This means that Management Software seeks steady growth over the long term while controlling risk at the same time. The beauty here is that Management Software uses sound trading strategies and very advanced algorithms to come up with the most profitable trades to make. These strategies are then combined with the high power expertise of the hedge fund managers in order to generate as much money for you as possible.



Management Software – A Great Cost

Something that everybody is going to be able to appreciate about Management Software is that it does not function like other programs when it comes to paying for the service. Most trading platforms are going to charge you a substantial user fee no matter what, but that is not the case with Management Software. This awesome trading software only charges you a fee on profits that it makes for you. To be exact, Management Software charges an 8% fee on all profits at the end of the month. So, if you earn $1,000 using this software, you will only pay $80 for that month, which is of course a big bargain.




There is also the fact that there is a limited time window, where if you sign up for Management Software, you will not be charged anything for the first month of use. The fact that Management Software only charges money on profits that are already in your account is definitely something we can stand behind. What this tells us is that Management Software, Christopher, and the other people behind it are not in it just for the profits. They are here to help us earn a good living and to make our lives much better. This is one of the only trading programs which only charges money based on performance, not on the simple fact of being allowed to use it.


Management Software – Profitability

Perhaps the biggest and best aspect of Management Software is that it is indeed highly profitable. Now, unlike other trading programs, mainly all of the blood sucking scams out there, Management Software does not make any guarantees or false promises of giant profits. They do admit that the profit margins depend on market conditions and market volatility, so they never do give us an exact figure in terms of potential profits. This is also because how much profits you make will depend on the size of your account and how much money you are willing to invest.

You could earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars per week to a few thousand dollars per day depending on how things go. Something that we are told though is that Management Software has never had a losing month. This means that even if the profits are not all that high, at the end of the day, you definitely will not end up with a negative account balance. The fact that Management Software is so good about risk management is something that we really like!



Why We Like Management Software

  • There are real people at the helm, not just a bunch of scam artists.
  • Management Software uses legitimate, licensed, and highly regulated brokers to handle your money.
  • This software uses a combination of highly complex algorithms, trading strategies, and of course hedge fund managers to ensure that you make a profit in foreign exchange trading.
  • The user fees are based on performance, not solely on usage.
  • While profits are guaranteed, there are no false promises of making millions of dollars.
  • Management Software is very easy to use and to get the hang of, mainly thanks to the expert team of hedge fund managers on your side.




Management Software Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Management Software is definitely not a scam. We have found not a single indication that this software is fraudulent in any way, shape, or form. Management Software is the real deal and so are the people behind it. When it comes to Forex trading, you want the right people on your team, which is exactly what you get with Management Software.


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