Mauboussin Watches offer the wearer something unique and fabulously stylish. These watches are often considered some of the finest in the world, and you should consider yourself a luxury watch collector if you select this design for your use. Mauboussin watches are known for their signature style, and their fine craftsmanship. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this company’s watch line is their ability to create prestigious pieces that are fit to be worn by royalty but also attract buyers simply after accuracy and fine workmanship. High fashion meets technologically advanced watches with Mauboussin watches.

Mauboussin watches are part of the only independent jeweler still located in France. The company, founded by the Mauboussin family, has a family legacy dating well back, and during that history has allowed the company to be considered as highly valuable as companies such as Cartier and Tiffany.

Mauboussin was founded by Monsieur Rocher. He established his business in jewelry during 1827. This was during the Restoration period, a time of new advances and changes in the way people were living. He started his business in Paris, France, though it would take years for the company to reach its current elite status. Even so, the company has nearly always been known for its quality pieces, often pieces that are designed to meet the demands of people around the world.

Mauboussin watch line was not an instant success. The development of these watches would take time, several decades in fact, to be perfected. at that time, the company’s line of women’s jewelry watches and men’s formal watches was launched. The company experienced various complications over the years, but managed to build a strong customer base.

Mauboussin Jewelry created each of the watches with care. Only the finest of materials were used, which often included rare or precious metals and stones, hard to find and vary valuable. The Mauboussin watches were crafted from jewels owned by Mauboussin and they were set into the watches and other jewelry at the time, through only the very best artisans in the business. Throughout time, the quality and craftsmanship of these individuals has been noted throughout history.

Mauboussin Jewelry really reached the level of luxury during the 1920’s and 1930’s. During that time, the jewelry became “the” watch to own as a high society individual. During this fabulous time in american history, many of the watches were cherished by the wealthiest in society here. Yet, they continued to be a prominent element in the worldwide industries, too. It was not until 1994 that the prestige line of watches was offered by Mauboussin. at that time, they launched a first watch line designed for women: the Lady M and at the same time, a men’s watch was launched, “The Fouga” both of which were status markers.

Mauboussin watches and jewelry are still produced today and as the only remaining family owned business, they pride themselves in producing the finest quality pieces available. These watches are only found in the finest of showrooms around the world.

Source by Zai Zhu