Home to lavish resorts, grand hotels, and exciting gaming establishments, the city has a huge number of visitors coming from different parts of the globe. On 2005 alone, an astounding 38.9 million visitors had flocked the city.  84% of that has gambled while visiting, spending an average of 3.4 hours per day to frequent slot machines, poker tables, roulette and other games. The shows in Las Vegas have also proved to be a lucrative market. 64% of people who visited Las Vegas attended shows. They spent their time going to a lounge acts, comedy shows, or other paid attractions. In summary, 89% of visitors said that they were very satisfied with their stay in Las Vegas.

The statistics above is the very reason why a lot of business establishments are hard bent on pushing Las Vegas promotions and Las Vegas specials to the general public.  The city has fed business entities with a lot of revenue-earning opportunities. In Las Vegas hotels, tons of promotional ploys are being created to attract visitors. From freebies (show tickets, buffet, etc.) to hotel-owned cards.

One of the most famousLas Vegas specials is the Slot Club Card. This card tracks the amount of money you spend on the games in casinos. Likewise, it also tracks the duration of hours you spend playing. The time and money spent will be converted to points. In turn, the points can be exchanged for show tickets, free buffet, room accommodations, and other prizes that correspond to your accumulated points. If you go to a casino and decide to take your chance at a slot machine, you have to insert the card so it can track the amount of money and time you spend. In playing poker, just give the dealer your card so he can assist you in tracking your points. The Slot Club Card can be used at any casino.

Using the Slot Club Card presents a number of advantages for you. If your goal in going to Vegas is to gamble, the card can give you perks on the money spent, as instead of spending it without the card. Also, depending on the number of times you played in one casino, the establishment can send you additional incentives like free t-shirt from the gift shop or discounts in their suites. Casinos put a value on customer’s loyalty that they will go out of their way to persuade people to keep the money flowing in.

Aside from the centralized cards, most Las Vegas hotels and casinos have their own cards that provide incentives to customers. The Riviera Hotel and Casino has the “Club Riviera” card that offers a free $ in slot machines when you sign up. Harrah’s Corporation, umbrella company of Horseshoe, Showboat, Flamingo, Grand Casino, Caesars Palace,  Rio, Bally’s, Paris and Harvey’s offers Total Rewards Club card, which can earn you gift points that can be exchanged for luxury items when you patronize the above establishments. There are many Las Vegas specials to take advantage of. This kind of promotion is peddled by businesses to ensure the continuous flow of clients to their establishments.

Source by Peter Brooks