Contrary to what other review sites might claim, Maximus Crypto Bot is an effective and consistent trading software when used properly. As you will see throughout the duration of this review, the Maximus Crypto Bot has accrued a $4,650 profit within a 48 hour span. Learn the steps we employed to obtain similar results while becoming a more proactive and independent day trader in the process.

2018 Maximus Crypto Bot

When the Maximus Crypto Bot was first launched in 2017, this auto trader was significantly limited and generated poor trading results. As a result, the system suffered quite a bit of backlash from the day trading community until ultimately the creators relaunched the new version of the Maximus Crypto Bot in 2018.

Incorporating complete user-control over which investments and customizable investment allots enabled day traders to have full-user control over the Maximus Crypto Bot. In addition to category specific filters and powerful trading features, the Maximus Crypto Bot also supports a charting solution, an economic calendar, a financial news sector along with user-friendly navigational hubs which makes it easy to utilize the software.

As you can see in the image below, the Maximus Crypto Bot charting solution is an essential tool for day traders who are looking to combine both strategic trading approaches in addition to their investment platform.

Trading Results

90% – July 30th, 2018

80% – July 31st, 2018

Strategic Oversight

Most inexperienced day traders go on to tackling the financial markets with the mindset that there isn’t too much risk involved and that the short-term payoff will be substantial. Regrettably, that is almost never the case when it comes to online day trading since risk is always involved.

With this truth in mind, it is important to come with a strategic day trading approach in mind to act as a secondary confirmation measure. This will not only reduce your risk but is also likely to increase to statistical probability of success due to filtering the signals. One such popular day trading approach that is highly effective and that we employ with the Maximus Crypto Bot would be the Advanced Price Action Trading Approach.

Employ both the trading approach with the Maximus Crypto Bot and there is no reason why you cannot substantially augment your income through online day trading.


Keeping your day trading as a selective vocation starting out is an effective way to keep your day trading fundamentals in perspective. Employ proper money management techniques, avoid overtrading, strive to learn new trading concepts, conduct paper trading and most of all don’t allow your emotions to take control of your investing are all invaluable fundamentals.

Incorporating stop losses with money management such as 2 or 3 losses in a row indicates no more day trading for the day, or limiting your trade quantity to only a handful per day. The more you understand about price action the better you can more effectively trade and understand the current behavior of the financial markets.

If you keep your scale intact while using the Maximus Crypto Bot you are well on your way to supplementing your income online through day trading!

How to Get Started

Bear in the mind that the Maximus Crypto Bot is one of a few legitimate trading softwares available to online day traders. Due to their legitimacy their availability as a software is limited so if the software is not available where you reside make sure to keep reading onward. Last but not least if you have any questions regarding how to get started with the Maximus Crypto Bot we always invite you to reach out to us!

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