After a couple weeks of redefining and optimizing their algorithmic formula to recent market price action, the Maximus Crypto Bot has not only recalibrated their platform for the upcoming months to come but continues to be the only trading solution that realizes the importance of maintaining an up-to-date interface when tackling the financial markets.

While the site,, prints that their software can generate up to a 93% success rate, we have deduced that the average reflected success rate tends to vary between 71% to 84% on a weekly average. To learn more about how you can accrue a legitimate stream of passive income through the Maximus Crypto Bot, we encourage you to continue reading our intuitive review!

What Other’s Are Saying

If you analyze the community consensus regarding the Maximus Crypto Bot over the past few months you will discover for the most part transparent evidence of the automated softwares success. There are literally dozens of trading videos online showcasing the Maximus Crypto Bot during live trading, executing withdrawals along with many user-tips.

Take for instance the video above, this video reflects a clear and transparent performance history along with a successful withdrawal conducted. Add this video to the countless other live investment videos plastered throughout YouTube demonstrating the same success and it becomes beyond evident that this automated trading solution possesses actual potential and value.


The Maximus Crypto Bot is a technical analysis based trading solution that supports full user-control in an automated setting. While it is widely known that this automated software functions with high volume and reversal based trading algorithms, the incorporation of their technical indicators should not be overlooked.

Supporting the Fibonacci, MACD, EMA, STOCH and BollingerBands® indicators, investors who possess a bit of experience with their Maximus Crypto Bot will notice how employing these indicators tend to serve as a filtering process for the software. There has also been a correlation dependent upon the reflected market hours and the assets selected, investors who invested like assets with like market hours tended to possess a higher rate of success.

The Maximus Crypto Bot is compatible with the foreign exchange, CFD and cryptocurrency markets. Due to their high liquidity, investors who generate consistent profits tend to report weekly withdrawals with some figures as high as $10,000. While we believe in strict money management when utilizing trading systems, it is hard to deny some of the large profits amassed by investors sharing live trading videos.

Formulating a Gameplan

Concocting a formula for success with the Maximus Crypto Bot is a little bit easier said than done but altogether an exercise that can be mastered. First you start by simplifying your asset selection to correlate in compliance with the market hours you are available to invest.

It should be noted that mobile trading is compatible and offered with the Maximus Crypto Bot and that your overwatch requirement when running the software is minimum at most. All you need to do is tailor the software towards your investment goals, which in this case would be applying a passive stream of income with less risk.

Secondly, you need to employ which technical indicators you would like to incorporate throughout the signal generation process. Depending upon if the markets reflect strong volatility we would recommend BollingerBands®, STOCH and Fibonacci. If market conditions are more neutral then utilizing the EMA or MACD indicators are advised.

One area not oftentimes covered when it comes to day trading with auto traders would be the need to incorporate a stern money management approach. While most investors tend to invest with either a Passive or Aggressive style of account managing, we believe in hitting the sweet spot and splitting both management rationales.

This would result in placing no more than between 3% to 8% of your account balance per investment, executing a maximum of 7 trades per day, enforcing a 2 loss daily limit along with not chasing losing investments! Employ this strategic management approach during favorable market conditions and there is no reason why you cannot start generating over $105 per day like most investors have been reporting in their live trading videos.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the Maximus Crypto Bot is dependent upon your demographic. If you visit the official homepage you will learn whether or not their system is available if your region of inhabitance. For those of you who aren’t accepted, DON’T WORRY we know of a couple of other legitimate alternatives that we can help you learn more about!

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