Maximus Crypto Bot ( is an automated trading software that supports both the cryptocurrency and forex industry. Generating success rates of up to 93% over a respectable duration of time, the Maximus Crypto Bot was created by an entity known as Kim, who happens to be a business partner of the well-known creator behind the Maximus Edge Auto Bot known as Maximus.

To learn the truth behind the legitimacy of the Maximus Crypto Bot and gather intel that other reviews appear to be lacking, we encourage you continue reading our unbiased and factual review to see what opportunities await you. - Maximus Crypto Bot

Maximus Crypto Bot Overview

The Maximus Crypto Bot functions solely as an automated investment solution that is compatible with the cryptocurrency, contracts-for-difference and forex markets. Supporting over 3 dozen investable assets, the Maximus Crypto Bot serves as a much needed updated iteration and renovation of the Maximus Edge Auto Bot.

Possessing several months of offline testing, the Maximus Crypto Bot became a registered and publicly launched trading solution as of March 20th, 2018 and currently incorporates 5 customized technical indicators into their signal generating process. Among these 5 technical indicators would be trend and reversal indicating instruments such as Fibonacci, MACD, EMA, Stochastic and Bollinger Bands®.

As indicated in the footer of the Maximus Crypto Bot site, their trading solution acts as a trading name of Maximus CryptoBot LTD, which is a technology services company. For those who have questions regarding the Maximus Crypto Bot you can reach out to them via email by visiting their Contact Us page.

Maximus Crypto Bot Software

Maximus Crypto Bot Features

There are no shortages of integrated features offered with the Maximus Crypto Bot. Incorporating a user-friendly interface, investing and customizing, this auto trader is simplistic and requires only a little bit of practice to get the hang of. Supporting Japanese candlestick charting while reflecting real-time rates through prominent Reuters, the Maximus Crypto Bot was created to serve as more of a replacement rather than a supplementation to traditional manual based trading approaches.

In addition to being able to implement the following technical indicators we disclosed above, investors are in control of selecting trade sizes, trade quantities, which category of assets they wish to invest along with stop loss capabilities. Investing is conducted through buy and sell orders which takes place across reputable investment brokerages that support CFDs, forex and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, an educational outlet is provided to new members so getting accustomed with the software becomes less daunting while both passive and aggressive trading formats are available with the Maximus Crypto Bot. If you’re seeking that all-in-one trading solution that provides manipulable components, then Maximus Crypto Bot should be considered by you.

MaximusCryptoBot Indicators

Can You Profit with Maximus Crypto Bot?

Investors can profit when using the automated Maximus Crypto Bot, but shouldn’t expect to earn more than a few thousand dollars per month if they are employing practical and passive investment parameters.

As many of you may be able to relate to, many investors searching for prominent and reputable trading solutions at one time or another have fallen for the get-rich quick type of trading solutions. These mediocre solutions promote unrealistic returns within a minimum time frame while employing nearly every trick in the book to mislead investors into depositing.

Unlike these frivolous and deceitful launches, the Maximus Crypto Bot does not boast outrageous income claims and supports a more practical investment approach. While their success rate is defined as quite high, that number certainly wasn’t achieved overnight and took months of technical variations and algorithmic alterations to achieve that status of success.

In addition, the Maximus Crypto Bot doesn’t claim that users will generate thousands of dollars per month but instead makes it known that through passive investing that their investors can generate a few thousand of dollars after no less than 3 months with their software.

Is Maximus Crypto Bot a Scam?

The Maximus Crypto Bot is not a scam. Their automated investment solution generates consistent and reliable returns and features some of the most widely relied upon technical indicators in regards to online investing. While users shouldn’t expect outlandish income gains, that doesn’t mean that investors can’t substantially supplement their income on an annual basis while only having to manipulate and customize their software’s trading parameters.

Maximus Crypto Bot FAQ

Disclosed below are some of the most pressing and common questions bought up in regards to the Maximus Crypto Bot. To gather a more encompassing oversight we encourage you to read the FAQs.

How accurate is the Maximus Crypto Bot?

According to their site, the Maximus Crypto Bot is capable of generating a 93% success rate over time. As found in documented video feedback featured throughout the web, the average reported starting success rate tends to fluctuate between 74% to 85% although it appears that overtime investors success with the software tends to increase.

Technically, how does Maximus Crypto Bot work?

The Maximus Crypto Bot functions by incorporating the Fibonacci, MACD, Stochastic, EMA and Bollinger Bands® indicators. Dependent upon market conditions will determine which technical indicators the solution will employ while a confirmation algorithm is used as a confirmation measure to verify the validity of generated signals in process. After a signal has been generated and verified as validated then the Maximus Crypto Bot executes said investment.

How suitable is Maximus Crypto Bot for day-traders?

If you understand that you won’t make millions of dollars overnight and are more looking to invest on a long-term basis, then the Maximus Crypto Bot is a dependable solution for you to consider. As we have always felt, investing online is a marathon not a sprint. Built for more long-term success, the Maximus Crypto Bot is ideal for committed users who understand the importance of building an impressive trading portfolio overtime.

Is the Maximus Crypto Bot Free?

Not exactly, an initial deposit with one of their synced investment brokerages is required in order to get access to the Maximus Crypto Bot. The funds you deposit into your brokerage account are entirely yours but after 3 months of investing with the Maximus Crypto Bot, you will be charged a 5% monthly fee on cumulative profits generated when using their system.

Is Maximus Crypto Bot Legit?

The Maximus Crypto Bot is a legitimate and ideal investment software for those looking to participate with online investing. Just as their business model reflects, their automated investment solution is more ideal for long-term success and is a powerful tool to use for those interested with investing in the cryptocurrency, forex and CFD markets.

Maximus Crypto Bot Review Conclusion

Throughout our near half decade experience of reviewing the legitimacy of investment opportunities, we have failed to cross paths with an automated software that was created with more long-term practicality than the Maximus Crypto Bot. Engineered and structured to combat the market movements through trend and reversal based trading principles, the Maximus Crypto Bot serves as the pinnacle for how trading software should be created and managed.

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For those of you interested in supplementing your income through the Maximus Crypto Bot, we encourage you test this automated solution out for yourself!


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