Maximus Cryptobot is very easy to use. It is another automated software for crypto forex trading. It works with unregulated brokers. The claims made of 93% are quite high to be accurate. Nevertheless we did test out the system ourselves and below are the results.

Maximus cryptobot login page can be found here but you must register in order to use it. AFTER you have registered you can click the login page picture below. maximus-cryptobot-login-page

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 Here is why Maximus Cryptobot is 100% legal to use

  1. Bitcoin brokers are usully UNREGULATED. The fact that the digital currency are not controlled by any country or government.
  2. The main regulation surrounding know your customer(KYC) is to submit your proof of your address and identification document. This KYC given in the list of rules by the IRS. Just like opening a bank account. This is required by the brokers with Maximus Cryptobot
  3. The profit claims of course vary. It is a trading algoritham system based on maths, not a magic ball.

This could be the most successfull autorader of all time(for crypto currencies)

  • Uses news and social trading as hints to calculate winning percentages
  • Uses best available brokers depending on your location of country
  • Buy and sell crypto currencies like bitcoin litecoin bitcoin cash and regular currencies like USD Euro CHF JPY pairs
  • and more

Which countries Maximus Cryptobot is available in?

We received emails from our users that they are not able to register for it for some reason. We have learned that not all trading systems are available in all countries. Depending on brokers available markets different rules apply for example in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, and other countries. This doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot use the system. To find out if you can create an account and see if it goes through.

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