The Maximus Edge Autobot ( has received a great deal of hype about the potential it possesses in everyday binary option trading applications. A series of live investment videos can be found throughout YouTube from users who have seemingly perfected the trading parameters of this semi-automated trading software. It’s true that many binary option blogs and review sites are currently endorsing this trading software with open arms but are doing so in a vague and unsatisfactory manner.

The core focus of this Maximus Edge Autobot review is to share the perfected settings used by investors along with provide some crucial tips along the way. These perfected trading parameters come from a variety of review sites, user feedback along with investment videos that we have been thoroughly breaking down and accumulating over the past couple of weeks. So if you are interested in learning how to effectively invest with the Maximus Edge Autobot, feel free to continue reading.

Attention U.S. Traders: This software is not available in your demographic, due to this we only recommend you invest with a CFTC Regulated broker such as Nadex.

Understanding the Maximus Edge AutoBot

Possessing a more developed foundation of knowledge regarding what the Maximus Edge AutoBot is will play a partial role in determining your future success with this trading software. Contrary to popular belief and what you will find on the site, this trading software is not only an auto trader, but more importantly a semi-automated trading system. Enhanced with an integrated charting solution, interchangeable broker selection and a number of user-controlled trading settings enables investors to customize the Maximus Edge AutoBot software to desired needs.

While most other review sites will rave about the seemingly endless number of trading indicators and settings that can be empowered by users, they fail to understand the confusion that is oftentimes exhibited by newbie traders. Overlooking the simple ideal that this multitude of trading parameters is not only overwhelming, but highly confusing to novice investors.

With this being said, we aren’t here to provide relative breakdowns of each indicators functionality in the slim glimmer of hope that you’ll catch on fully, but instead provide you with a sort of guide of trading settings that have proven most effective with the Maximus Edge AutoBot trading system. Before we get into those helpful components though, let’s first discuss more on how this software functions and generates trading signals.

How does the Maximus Edge AutoBot Work?

The signal generation process with the Maximus Edge AutoBot is relatively straightforward. There are a possibility of three innate trading approaches that are applied by this software. Among them would be straddle, risk reversal and hedging. The application of these trading approaches is autonomous and is solely responsible for the signal creation of this software. Although the application of technical indicators can be used to reduce the quantity of false signals, the vast bulk of the signals are generated through these trading approaches.

What appears to be the most difficult concept to master among traders who are new to this system would be correctly applying the settings and trading approaches that yield the most accurate investment signals. These mishaps can partially be contributed to ever-changing market conditions, asset volume along with indirect press releases that can severely affect the signal process of this system without a means of correction.

Differentiating Effective Trading Settings

One of the most common mistakes made by novice software investors would be the lack of including a filtering process in their software’s signal creation. Granted, having to result to such measures as “filtering” out trading signals is somewhat counter-intuitive to the software and in essence a minor pain that investors have to endure, but the results speak for themselves. No matter what any online investing software will claim, they cannot properly take into consideration fundamental analysis factors.

The vast majority of trading softwares are based upon the principles of technical analysis because it solely involves computing, which is what the software is programmed to do. However, let’s set the record straight here: no online trading system can interpret and understand the volatility that may occur from press releases regarding a particular asset or its correlated assets. All it can do is analyze, gauge and compute what would be the technical based values that are derived directly from Reuters.

With that being said, we will point out of the obvious which would be to avoid any Maximus Edge AutoBot trading approaches that require you to not take fundamental analysis into consideration. It is evident that the traders who employ these tactics have little experience to effectively investing the financial markets. Furthermore, it is imperative that you only apply likewise technical indicators that work in tangent with the 3 trading approaches employed by this software.

Cultivating the Best Maximus Edge AutoBot Settings

Incorporating the best Maximus Edge AutoBot settings truly isn’t that difficult if you understand the functionality of the indicators employed in this signal creation process. Contrary to what other reviews will tell you, this software actually only has 5 technical indicators that it can employ in the signal creation process.These technicals indicators would be the RSI, MACD, CCI, Stochastics or BollingerBands® indicator. All of the other countless indicators “included” with this software are only available in the charting solution that is integrated into the software.

So although some reviewers might make it a strong point that this software has over 100 indicators it truly isn’t that big of a deal. In fact, unless you use the charting solution with trading approaches to act as a filtering process it is essentially useless. One aspect about this trading software that really irks us would be how the employable indicators can contradict one another, meaning that unless they are selected with great caution they can actually hinder one another.

The Applicable Indicators

Relative Strength Index (RSI): a momentum oscillator that helps investors determine whether an asset is currently reflecting symptoms of being overbought or oversold. Not particularly effective when combined with BollingerBands®, Stochastics or CCI indicator.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): A momentum based indicator that helps chartists better gauge the health of an assets trend through price action. Effective when used in combination with the RSI while investing forex pairs or the Stochastics indicators when investing with stocks, commodities and indices.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI): Indicates to investors when a trend reversal is likely to occur. More effective when coupled with the Stochastics indicator.

Stochastics: A momentum based indicator that helps investors determine whether an asset is exhibiting signs of being oversold or overbought.

BollingerBands®: A versatile indicator that can be used effectively in a number of investment scenarios depending on market conditions. Most effective when applied with the Stochastics indicator.

Investor Feedback – Effective Maximus Edge Settings

It should be noted that all of the feedback provided with this system is based upon a semi-automated application mode of this software. Now, this doesn’t signify that there aren’t effective fully auto-trading settings, but our research as yielded that using this software under a semi-automated capacity has generated the best investment results. Therefore, we will be covering a few of the most effective Maximus Edge AutoBot settings that we have come across.

CCI Filter

Going back to the functionality of this indicator, using the Commodity Channel Index is an effective way to eliminate false signals that are generated through this software. Since the main purpose of this indicator is to signify potential trend reversals applying this filtering process while using the Risk Reversal trading method will generate strong signals. If this unbound oscillator reflects a value of 125 or higher it indicates that the asset is exhibiting signals of being overbought while if it reflects a value of -125 or lower it signifies that the asset is being oversold.

Since the CCI indicator is unbound it can reach values of +200/-200 so bear in mind if the indicator has reflected any of these extreme historic values then they will likely occur once more. An important note to remember would be that this indicator best indicates trend reversals when extremes are present, so the more oversold or overbought the condition the more probable a reversal will take place.

Price Action Confirmation

One of the most faithful and reliant trading approaches is price action trading. Due to the exceptional feedback from a number of investors we have found that using price action trading concepts is highly effective when using this software under a semi-automated capacity. For those of you unfamiliar with this trading approach make sure to visit Educational Resources where you can learn all about this style of investing.

Using PATS while having both the RSI and MACD indicator simultaneously applied has yielded some great investment results. It should also be included that this trading approach is only used with assets that reflect a minimum amount of volatility. So currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd, Nzd,Usd, Gbp/Usd and Usd/Chf are the only assets enabled to be signaled by the software.

Reversal Set Up

One last filtering process that we believe should be highly valued would be the reversal set up that we came across. Using the TradingView charting solution that is integrated into the signal creation of this software while applying the simple moving average of 4 and 13 along with the Derivative Oscillator is a great way to find verify reversal signals generated. The derivative oscillator should reflect the settings of RSI Period (13), Avg1 Period (7), Avg2 Period (4), Avg3 Period (12).

As you can see, the Derivative Oscillator played a key role in confirming part of the reversal filtering process. The secondary confirmation of this process would be when the Moving Average (4) indicator crossed our Moving Average (13) indicator after the Derivative Oscillator made its break below the 0.0000 level. This set up can also be applied for bullish reversal confirmations where the Derivative Oscillator must first break above our 0.0000 level and our SMA 4 line crosses our SMA 13 line in an upward direction.

As we stated previously, the signal creation process of this software cannot account for fundamental analysis. Which is why when investing with this software, whether it be a semi-automated or fully-automated capacity, it is crucial you avoid investing when more than 2 volatility bulls are signified of the Economic Calendar. If you invest while more than 2 bulls are signified then you are investing during exceptionally volatile market conditions and the software cannot accurately operate during those periods.

Maximus Edge AutoBot Settings Afterthought

Operating the Maximus Edge Autobot in a semi-automated mode with filter parameters will allow you to have much better investment results with this trading software. Applying filtering processes while making sure to incorporate fundamental analysis with this software is a must if you are looking to yield the best investment results possible with this software or any other investment software. Take the feedback from investors, reviews and videos provided above seriously if you are deeply committed to achieving your financial goals through binary options investing.

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