Throughout the past few days many people have been asking us about a software called Maximus Edge AutoBot. We found that a colleague of ours, who has written guest reviews for us in the past, has been involved with the production of the software, and so we asked Andy to say a few words about it. Read his description below (and our closing words beneath it) if you’re considering trying this software. – Profitable EA or SCAM?

We’re here to do a totally unbiased and honest review on the newly released Maximus Edge AutoBot App. This is a brand new binary options and forex trading system that was made available to the public on Monday, September 18th, 2017. Due to the extensive amount of educational material included with the system this service is also referred to as the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor.

In lenience terms, the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor is a semi-automated trading service for binary options. This semi-automated mode of investing is referred to as manual trading because you must manually approve each trade before the investment gets executed.

There are a few different trading concepts and investment modes to chose from when using the Maximus Edge system. Among the different investment modes would be straddle, risk reversal, and hedging. The straddle mode is used when investors are looking to generate numerous signals from high market volatility. The risk reversal mode is used to benefit from momentum changes while the hedging mode is applied for more long-term positions. Dependent upon market conditions, each of these trading modes will reflect slightly different accuracy and profit potential.

When it comes to applicable trading concepts, this trading service is able to employ up to 5 technical indicators. To name a few of the most commonly utilized indicators would be the RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), and Bollinger Bands®. You, the investor, have the ability to dictate which indicators you would prefer to apply which then overlies with the investment algorithm used to generate signals.

A number of factors are used to weigh in the signal process for the Maximus Edge AutoBot. Present market conditions, numerous fundamental price factors and the application of one or more available technical indicators all play an ample role in the strength and quality of the signals generated. When using the manual trading mode, investors are given access to the full scale and capabilities of this software.

Opposed to being able to apply up to 5 different technical analysis indicators, traders are given access to countless indicators which can be applied to make better educated investment predictions while determining profit potential of certain binary option pairs. An innovative feature applicable by this trading service would the comprehensive charting solution which you are given full access to take advantage of.  Furthermore, the charting solution comes with virtually every fundamental and technical analysis tool known to binary option traders on a global scale.

If all said above proves to be true then it would make the Maximus Edge AutoBot software the world’s first totally comprehensive signal service, charting solution, and automated binary options service all-in-one.

Maximus Edge AutoBot

Now remember, when it comes to dealing with trading software that are unproven, make sure to always deposit the minimum. No matter if the investment broker synced with the trading solution is regulated or not, never deposit more than the minimum amount needed.  Secondly, don’t accept broker bonuses because then you won’t be able to conduct a withdrawal until after a predetermined volume of trades is met. Lastly, never accept account management services offered by the broker. Far too many times have we seen the acceptance of account management services end up badly, so always decline the offer!

WatchDog’s Verdict

We’re constantly on the prowl to learn about legitimate trading software and signal services. The indicators applicable through the Maximus Edge AutoBot are real and have proven effective in various trading concepts. However, indicators aren’t always enough to achieve your investment goals. Before we can recommend this software, we need to know more about accrued success rates along with receive feedback from traders who have first-hand experience with this binary options trading system.

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