Maximus Edge EA Review –  Maximus Edge AutoBot is being raved as the best trading software for 2017.  However, we recommend that you read this full investigative report on Maximus Edge EA before rushing to splurge your cash.  It is true that the Maximus Edge Software is creating quite a sensation. However, you must consider whether this is a legitimate software or yet another robot to be added to our Blacklist Scams.

The Maximus Edge EA software is being presented to us by Max.  He says that he is fondly called Maximus by his colleagues.  Clearly, Max is of Asian origin as both his looks, diction, and explanations confirm this.

We have no real clue on the identity of Max.  However, there again if we knew that he was Max Cheung, or Max Chang, it would hardly make any notable difference to the logic of the software.

The first notable thing about this no-frills presentation is that it does not revolve around fantastical notions. It is clearly explaining that a trading software has been created.  A software that focuses on the most important indicators.

Maximus Edge EA – Trading Software Tweaked on the Best 5 Indicators

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review


The Maximus Edge EA software is yet to gain positive or negative reviews. However, given that it is unlikely that Max is a professional actor, we feel that some reputation matters are in play here. These are all indicators as to whether this software is a scam.

Given time, we will continue to test the software and guarantee or otherwise whether it is all it is made out to be.  As it stands the Maximus Edge Bot is presently generating up to 84% in the money results.  A healthy percentage which guarantees capital growth. Hence the reason for this review.

How does Maximus Edge EA Software Work? Features Explained

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review

One of the reasons for which we do not believe that this software is a scam is that it is based on all the indicators that we have been teaching in the Sheriff University.

Maximus Edge EA review shows that the software has been designed to check price ranges, trends, strengths, and likelihood to profit based on the following 6 indicators:

1.Bollinger Bands

2.Pivot Points




6.Fibonacci Retracements

As can be seen, all these indicators are the primary and most important fundamentals of forex and binary options trading.

What we do feel is fair is that Max of Maximus Edge EA is not promising wild cards and get rich quick schemes.  They are confirming a success rate of up to 84% ITM return.  If this were going to be a lie or a scam they would certainly be boasting a 100% return. That is how scammers work.  However, in this case, the Max Edge EA works by recognizing and analyzing market opportunities which may be highly profitable.  IN TURN, the software will send out signals that can be converted into profitable trades by the day trader.

In other words, Maximus Edge EA is capable of sussing out the best opportunities through its mesh of signals.  This means that anyone who is using the semi-auto trader will be using a software that trades based on the best fundamentals of day trading.

Is Maximus Edge EA worth your Time and Investment?

Maximus Edge AutoBot Review


We are living in a very fast world. Data processing is ruled by artificial intelligence.  It is highly unlikely that anyone will have the time and the acumen to beat good robots, that are built with the sole intention of monitoring price movements.

If you have been struggling with your trading, then perhaps a little bit of help is on the way. The positive feature attributed to this software is that you can remain in control of your capital.  You are allowed to decide whether you want to trade on a signal or prefer to pass it up.  Retaining control of your capital is yet another feature that indicates that the Maximus Edge software is a legitimate software and not a scam.

Advantages of the Maximus Edge EA Software

The fact that there does not seem to be any complaints in forums or websites about this software makes us fairly confident that it is not a scam.  However, here are a few other advantages that we have tracked when testing this system:

The software has been created with the intention of being used even by new traders.  Although we recommend to inform yourself properly before trading, it helps when you have additional aid in the form of user-friendly devices.  Learning how to read signals by yourself, if you are a new trader could take you months.  The interface being used by the Maximus Edge software is simple and makes the learning curve a very easy one to take.  For this reason, you can get started immediately you fund your account with the broker.  Remember that funding your account is not a cost.  It is your trading capital – by which you can trade and earn profits.

We are certainly not dealing with a professional actor in this case.  Seriously no one would pay this chap for a job like that! Scammers hide behind actors and personas and fantastic stories.  In this case, you are getting a step by step explanation on how this software was created and why it is effective.

  • Software is available against no payment

Yes, you heard right.  It does not cost you anything to download the software.  The software is free to use.  Therefore, even if you are not happy with the performance, you can still retain your capital and trade it off or withdraw in the manner in which you choose.

  • Proven Results – Legitimate App

The proof of the pudding is always in eating it. The software may look like a fraud or a scam however it is being acclaimed by quite a few other websites who have all tried and tested it.

We have been monitoring the results from the software, and so far we are pleased to confirm that profits have varied from 75%-84%.  However, one must bear in mind, that we have only been using this software for the past ten days, and that is hardly enough time to be able to confirm beyond any doubt that it is 100% consistent.

How to Subscribe for the Maximus Edge EA Software

Since Maximus Edge EA is free and you can remain in control of your capital, you may be interested in downloading the software and giving it a try.  Here is how to do it.

  1. When you Click on this Link you will be able to see the full video.
  2. Next, you will go through the registration process and transferred to a certified broker that operates in your geographical area.
  3. You are required to deposit the minimum working capital which is $250 in order to start trading.  Note that the brokers have been vetted and are trusted.
  4. All you will need is to activate the software.  This is web-based and therefore you do not even need to download it.  Just make sure that you keep a note of your login details and passwords and you can operate your account both from the Max Edge page as well as the broker page.  Whichever suits you better.  This depends on your proficiency.  If you are a skilled trader you may like to trade directly from the Broker’s platform.  If you are new, it is probably easier to trade directly from the Maximus Edge EA interface. 

Conclusion and Verdict – Is Maximus Edge EA Scam?

This new software is really taking everyone by positive surprise.  Even industry experts are claiming that they are monitoring it closely due to its performance.  As we explained earlier, we have only been testing the software (with very nice results) for the past ten days.  Therefore, as yet, we will not embrace it with open arms.  In a very short spat of time, we will be seeing a lot more about this software, and it will be much easier to conclude whether Maximus Edge is a scam or legit.

As things stand at the moment we have no reason to believe that Maximus Edge is a Scam

Please post your comments in the dialogue box below.  If you have any doubts or have already used the software, please share your opinion.  This is very valuable to all traders.

Reviewer:  Agent Sheriff

Disclaimer: Trading Forex and Binary carries a high-risk potential.  The assets being reviewed may lead to complete loss of capital.  Your losses could exceed your gains.  Therefore never risk capital that you cannot afford to lose. The reviewer may benefit from affiliation.








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