Maximus Edge Autobot ( has been the subject of both scrutiny and praise throughout the online investment industry. Being targeted as a scam by unverifiable blogging operations who have failed to utilize their software while numerous positive video testimonials have been uploaded by Maximus Edge users, the legitimacy of Maximus Edge autobot has been widely disputed.

After conducting copious amounts of investigative research, we have compiled our findings and will deliver a legitimacy verdict regarding Maximus Edge autobot throughout our unbiased and factual review. Learn the REAL facts regarding the Maximus Edge trading system and whether you can really profit using their trading software or not.

Maximus Edge

About Maximus Edge Autobot

The biggest misconception revolving around the Maximus Edge application would be that it is an auto trader opposed to an expert advisor (EA). Capable of operating under a manual and autonomous capacity, the Maximus Edge Autobot created by Maximus Edge AutoBot Ltd is an Expert Advisor application that is compatible with the forex, contracts-for-difference and cryptocurrencies industries.

How does Maximus Edge Work?

The Maximus Edge autobot is a technical analysis based application that was created as an Expert Advisor. Due to operating as an expert advisor, calibrations and synchronization components of this investment application ensure that the software operates with complete fluidity and the latest technological adjustments.

Supporting a host of technical indicators such as the RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), Stochastics and Bollinger Bands® indicators, the Maximus Edge application generates investment signals from their employed technical indicators where their integrated trading algorithm serves as a confirmation measure.

Maximus Edge Indicators

If one of the Maximus Edge Autobot’s generated trading signals does not agree in accordance with their employed trading algorithm, or if the application’s trading algorithm fails to register any market indications then the signal is voided and not suggested.

Due to the Maximus Edge various technical analysis indicators, their software can be utilized during regular, intra-day and high volatility investment conditions. While we always encourage investors to utilize investment applications under a manual capacity, it should be known that the Maximus Edge has proven to be effective during automated trading conditions as well.

There are countless Maximus Edge user testimonials featured at YouTube from investors earning between $75 to $300 per day by using their system, and better yet, on a consistent basis as well. While these sort successes should not be expected out of the starting gates, it does serve as a realistic goal to strive towards once you become more accustomed to their trading application.

Integrated Trading Features

Unlike other investment softwares that function solely as an auto trader, the Maximus Edge supports both an automated and manual investment mode. Employing a variety of manipulatable features such as trade size, employed technical indicators, supported targeted assets along with the number of consecutive trades, investors have complete control over their trading practices which is what the most other applications try to prohibit.

Functional with the forex, CFD and cryptocurrency domain, this investment application supports an abundant array of assets and enable traders to invest as dynamically as their wish. While most investment applications support only up to a handful of options, this application supports many and works with dependable brokers that haven’t come under public scrutiny.

Maximus Edge Trading Method

Maximus Edge Need-to-Knows

Before getting started with the Maximus Edge Autobot there are some factors that should be known and carefully considered. Such as user-friendliness of their softwares dashboard, the systems global popularity, how to establish contact with their team along with proper money management techniques to ensure not only safer but better long-term investment returns.

Software Application

The Maximus Edge autobot is capable of applying one of three trading approaches known as straddle, risk reversal and hedging. Engineered to handle high volatility, momentum changes and long-term positions, this investment software is ideal for investors of all experience levels and incorporates all manipulatable features in an simplistic user dashboard.

Popularity possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 352,204 with a Singapore rank of 4,867 as of March 9th, 2018. Supporting over 160,000 monthly visitors last month alone, it goes without question that the Maximus Edge autobot is used by many online day-traders.

Support Help

Many unverified and illegitimate trading softwares or automated investment solutions fail to render any suitable forms of communication in order to prohibit contact with their operation. Thankfully, the Maximus Edge site features a Contact Us page that automatically renders their email address in a composed email draft for those looking to establish communication or have a few questions that need answered.

Money Management

The Maximus Edge autobot employs money management tools into their investment application although we must impress upon the importance of using a passive investment approach, which equates to a value of 5% to 7% of your account balance per investment with a maximum of 3 ongoing investments at any one time.

Maximus Edge Feedback (Communal Perceptive)

Negative Community Feedback

There are an abundant quantity of ignorant and ill-founded assertions claiming that the Maximus Edge Autobot is a scam. However, if you take a closer look at these so-called expert reviews, you will notice a common denominator such as how none of those sites have actually utilized the software in a live investment scenario.

Claiming that the software makes preposterous income gains while blatantly blacklisting this investment application because the majority of other competing investment softwares are garbage is not only ignorant but just goes to show how feeble these review operations tend to be.

If you truly want to gather the facts regarding the Maximus Edge or see how it performs in a live investment setting, then browse “Maximus Edge Live Trading” into YouTube and browse the vast collection of investment videos as your disposal.

Authentic Community Feedback

Most of the community feedback regarding the legitimacy of Maximus Edge autobot goes on to not only reveal profitable and transparent evidence of the applications effectiveness but also incorporates irrefutable live investment videos.

As seen in the video incorporated above, the most recent live trading feedback we found equated to a profit of $70 per investments for a cumulative $350 gain with 5 investments. Not only does the service as transparent evidence that the Maximus Edge autobot deploys effective signals but goes to show that the application is effective in a manual or automated situation. Below is another testament we found that features live trading with the Maximus Edge autobot.

Here’s another useful Maximus Edge trading video demonstrating a 100% ITM trading session:

Why Maximus Edge Can Be Trusted

Given the information disclosed in the review above along with the wide spread positive and instructive community feedback it is obvious to us that the Maximus Edge autobot is a highly dependable and trustworthy investment application. Supporting over 160,000 monthly visitors, it is safe to say that this application is used by hundreds of day traders while endless trading testimonials back up such claims.

Maximus Edge Autobot Review Conclusion

The Maximus Edge autobot is one of the few legitimate and proven trading applications available to forex, cryptocurrency and option based investors. Functioning with compatible and user-friendly brokerages while being the subject of praise amongst those who actually employ the software, the Maximus Edge autobot is a dependable solution for those looking to supplement their income through forex and cryptocurrency investing.

While the automated mode has appeared to be quite effective according to the numerous testimonials videos featured at YouTube, we still encourage utilizing the software under a manual capacity until you are able to more effectively navigate their platform.

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