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The Maximus Edge AutoBot, otherwise known as the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor or EA for short, is a very impressive piece of technology. In all fairness, it is probably the number one best binary options trading program that we have seen in a very long time. However, as is the case with most new pieces of BO trading software, people have lots of questions about it. People have been having some issues, or just have a lack of knowledge about it. So, today we are here doing a questions and answers piece in relation to the Maximus Edge EA app. Let’s get right to it and try to answer some of the most crucial questions that you might have.

  1. What Can Be Traded With The Maximus Edge EA App?

If you do not already know, this particular BO trading app allows for a lot more than just binary options trading. Yes, binary options trading is the main focus of this trading software, but that is not the only thing. This program also allows you to trade other asset types such as stocks, commodities, Forex, and indices too. This is one of the reasons why we like this app so much because it is kind of like a one-stop trading shop for various different types of assets. It is not too often that you come across a great program that can trade all of these things at the same time.

  1. Do I Need To Be In Front Of My Computer To Make Trades With Maximus Edge EA Software?

One of the things that you might really like about this system is that you do not really have to be in front of your computer to make trades. Yes, as you may know, this is mainly a semi-automated trading app. This means that you engage in manual trading for the most part. In other words, you do need to be in front of your computer to place trades. You need to manually click on the button that says “trade”, in order for the trades to be placed. However, this is also a fully automated trading system. It does have special algorithms and strategies which can be used in a fully automatic mode. This means that you can, in fact, turn on the Maximus Edge EA program and simply let it run. However, we would highly recommend engaging in manual trading as the results are much better.


  1. Can I Trade On Devices Other Than My Computer With Maximus Edge EA Software?

The great part about this program is that you can trade from devices other than your computer. As long as your platform is up to date on your device, you can trade from your computer, laptop, smartphone, or from your tablet too. This means that you can trade on the go from any device you have. It’s a really convenient way to do binary options trading.


  1. Can I Switch Brokers With Maximus Edge EA Software?

Another awesome part of this trading system is that you can, in fact, change brokers if you do not like the one you are assigned to. There are different ways of doing this. First off, when you sign up with this app, you are automatically assigned a broker. If you do not like the original broker you are connected with, you can simply sign up with a new or different email address to be assigned a different one. However, if you would like to use more than one broker at a time, you can do that as well. On the actual platform, click on where it says “brokers”, which is where you connected broker is displayed. There should also be a list of at least 4 or 5 other brokers that you can connect to. You can then go to any of those other brokers and open an account with them as well.



  1. Why Do I Have No Signals Or Error Message With My Signals?

One of the main reasons why you might not be getting certain signals, why there are signal errors, or why you are not getting info about them is because your signal alerts are off. To fix this issue, go to the broker’s tab. There is a section that says “signal alerts” where you can switch the alerts to being on or off. If you are not getting signals or signals updates, it might just be because the signals alert tab is switched to the off position.

To fix this problem, simply turn on the signals alerts. Another solution to this problem might have to do with the preferences settings on the broker’s tab. When you go to preferences, you can switch on alerts or info for individual signals. If there are certain signals on your dashboard which are not there, do not have info, or are giving your error messages, it might be because you have not selected the signal combo in question. Simply select all of the signals you want to be displayed for these error messages to go away and to get info about the signals.

  1. Why Would I Switch Off Certain Signals For Maximus Edge EA Software?

This is something that we go over in our trading tips. If you go to or any other financial news site and some of the currencies are listed as 3 bull news, those are ones you should not be interested in. Those signals will be very volatile and will most likely result in losses. For instance, if you see that the USD is in three bull news, you will want to switch those signals off on your platform because you are not interested in those and do not want to trade with them.

  1. What Are The Recommended Settings For Maximus Edge EA Software?

In our opinion, when it comes to the best settings, when it comes to the indicators that you can turn on or off such as RSI and RVI, we would definitely recommend turning them all on. If you are new to this, we would also recommend investing the minimum amount of money per trade and doing so with short 5-minute trades.



  1. What Are The Recommended Trading Hours For The Maximus Edge EA App?

When it comes to trading with this app, or trading with any BO app for that matter, you want to stick to a certain time frame. The time frame is the one with the least market volatility and the most market action. In other words, you want to be trading when market activity is high, or just when they are open. When it comes to this particular BO trading app, you want to limit your trades to the hours between 9 am and 7 pm GMT. Keep in mind that this does depend on your time zone, so you will have to adjust the time from GMT to whichever time zone you might be residing in.



  1. How Much Money Can The Maximus Edge EA App Generate?

This is something else that you will definitely like about this particular trading system. The fact that it is very reliable and has the ability to execute highly accurate trades with nice profit margins is something that we can all appreciate. Depending on the settings and market volatility, we have been able to achieve ITM (winning trades) rates of anywhere from 75% to 91%, which is very impressive no doubt. Also, off of a small $250 investment, we were able to generate anywhere from $750 to $1,250 per day, which is also very impressive. The return on our investments for any given day has been as high as 500%, which is quite unheard of. However, keep in mind that when we scored 91% ITM rates with 500% ROI, we were probably aided by just a little bit of luck.


  1. What About Making Real Money Withdrawals?

Making real money withdrawals with this trading system could not be any easier. Like we have said many times now, this is not a scam, a scheme, or some kind of fraudulent rip-off. This also means that all of the brokers you can be assigned to are regulated and licensed. They are the real deal and there is no doubt about that. We have withdrawn money several times now from various brokers that we have been connected to and it has worked just fine every single time. It has taken us anywhere from 3 to 6 business days for the withdrawals to be completed, but simply the fact that withdrawals are possible and reliable is more than good enough for us.



  1. What Are Some Of The Best Indicators/Strategies To Use With Maximus Edge EA?

If you want to be as successful as possible and make the most money with this trading platform, you will want to use certain indicators and trading strategies. When it comes to indicators, some of the ones which seem to produce the best ITM rates and the highest profits include the Bollinger Bands indicator, Stochastics, and MACD. When it comes to strategies, using support and resistance levels to decide on profitable trades is very good too. We would recommend using these methods and indicators before you try anything else.



  1. I am Having Registration Issues, What Do I Do?

Some people have been having registration issues, for which there are several possible solutions, so let’s go over those right now. Some people have not been able to register for this service period. Well, one solution is to change your email address and try to sign up with a different email address. Try using an email service from a different country. You can also change your browser if you are having issues with registration. Another solution is to change your location settings. You can try turning the location settings on or off to see if it helps. Furthermore, changing or masking your VPN address could be another viable solution.


  1. Do I Really Get A Full Charting Solution With Maximus Edge EA Software?

Yes, yes, and yes! You definitely get a full charting solution with this new binary options trading tool. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why we like it so much. Never before have we seen any kind of BO trading system that provides us with so many different technical and fundamental analysis tools. When you go to the dashboard, you get access to literally hundreds of different fundamental and technical analyzers that you can use. This is fantastic because using more than one in conjunction is a surefire way to increase your profitability. There is also the fact that this is the first app ever to provide such a totally comprehensive charting solution.

  1. Are There Different Trading Styles With The Maximus Edge EA App?

Yes, that is another thing that you might like about this BO trading platform. You get the option to trade the classic way, the Martingale way, or the Fibonacci way. The classic way has medium risk and medium payouts. The Martingale method has the highest amount of risk of losing your money, but also the highest profit potential per individual trade. The Fibonacci way of trading has the lowest overall profit potential per individual trade but also has the highest ITM rate.


  1. Where Is Maximus Edge EA Available For Use?

This app is available for use in most countries around the world. Unfortunately, at this time, residents of Canada and the USA cannot use this program due to legal restrictions in those respective countries.


Maximus Edge EA Q&A – Conclusion

There it is. We hope that we have been able to answer all of your questions in regards to this awesome new trading app. We do realize that some people have had problems with it, but we hope that our answers here have helped solve those issues. The Maximus Edge EA app is truly the world’s best trading application for binary options at this time and we would definitely recommend using it if you can.


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