Maximus Edge EA has been launched just over a week.  In this Maximus Edge update, we are going to go examine trading methods that have been employed by various traders in order to verify whether the claim of 83% accuracy is real or scam.

The official website for the Maximus Edge Robot is   The new expert advisor has been launched with success for some time now and it is touted to be one of the better autobots on the market.  Maximus Edge update reveals that the software is attached to a BO trading platforms.

Binary Option Sheriff has already covered a few reviews on this software. Our first introduction to the Robot can be found in the Maximus Edge Review.   Today this post is dedicated to the Maximus Edge Update.  We are endeavoring to ensure that the claims of 83% winning rate are true and correct and that this is not another regular scam. 

We have scanned quite a few YouTube traders who are considered to be trustworthy and it appears that the claims for the success rate of Maximus Edge AutoBot are fair.  Here are a few videos you may wish to consult with for verification:  Prestige Binary Options Trading  Binary Option Spot and Binary Options Army  .

In all three instances, the trading is live and is therefore not tampered with. Therefore, the first investigations indicate that the Maximus Edge software is legitimate.

Maximus Edge Update – What Can Be Traded?

The Maximus Edge EA Software is a cut above the rest.  With this software, you are not just restricted to trading currencies.  In fact, a whole wide spectrum of assets is revealed when taking a sneak peek to the platform. Assets include stocks, indices, commodities as well as the regular Forex.

What is more, the Maximum Edge software provides you with a full charting solution.  The software has been developed in a way to analyze the best and strongest market signals.  These signals include the more important indicators such as Fibonacci Retracement Levels,  Pivot Points, MACD, and the Bollinger Bands just to name a few.  The indicators have been incorporated in the chats and they are provided to the trader to take advantage of this solution.  This is probably one of the very few automated traders that offer a fully fledged charting solution complete with indicators. 


maximus edge update

We cannot fail to stress just how important it is to get an education for your trading.  Trading is not simply hitting the purchase or sell buttons.  It requires dexterity and fine-tuning.  Therefore, do not expect to become a day trader overnight and achieve profitable results.

Trading can be a very lucrative means of making either a full-time income or a secondary income.  However, it does pose incredible risks as well.  The only manner by which you can hedge against these risks is to inform yourself properly through an education.  It is for this reason that we have prepared easy and accessible information in our online course THE SECRET TRADER.

Will Maximus Edge Software Help Me Achieve Successful Trading Results?

This is the very reason why we have dedicated this post to the Maximus Edge Update.  The immediate feedback that we are receiving from day-traders is very positive.  Live trading sessions are being recorded in abundance and most traders cannot stop singing the praises to Maximus Edge.

Therefore, to answer the question of whether Maximus Edge will give you results, it would appear from the first trading sessions, that this software is indeed finely tuned to read market movements.

Given that many new traders will find it difficult to delve into the world of trading without any assistance, the Max Edge EA could be a potential solution.

Maximus Edge AutoBot

Maximus Edge Update – Fully Automated Trading and Semi-Automated Trading

One of the most important features of this Maximus Edge Update is to explain the advantages of having a software that can be operated in two modes

  • Automated Trading
  • Semi-Automated Trading

Why is having two modes of trading an advantage?  Well, the answer is very simple.  It all depends on the type of trader you are.  Each of the modes has its advantages and disadvantages.  Personally, I would always advocate of semi-automated trading because it gives you complete control over your capital.  On the other hand, traders who are on the run, and would like to trust the software to trade on their behalf are also offered this opportunity.

Fully Automated Trading explained:

Automated Trading can be switched on and off at the whim of the trader. When turned on the Robot executes all aspects of trading within the parameters set by the trader.  Example, a trader will choose whether he wants multiple trades, single trades etc.,  He may also decide on the risk value of the trades.  The risk value will mean the frequency by which the robot will execute trades.

Naturally, every trader has his own risk appetite.  However, we would fairly warn that robots remain robots and opting for this type of trading exposes you to high risk.  These would include trading during times of high volatility.  We always advise that you should consult with the Economic Calendar to avoid high volatility.

Semi-Automated Trading explained:

Semi-automated trading is trading manually from the Maximus Edge EA trading platform but based on the indicators and recommendations given by the software.  As you can well see from the image below, a trader who is executing trades in a semi-automated mode, is allowed to choose not just the value of the trade, but also when to execute the trade.

The advantages of trading with the Maximus Edge semi-automated robot are various.

  • It allows you time to consult with your charts and endorse the decision of the Robot
  • It allows you control over your capital.  You can start and stop trading whenever you see fit.
  • The software still provides you with plenty of opportunities for trading.

maximus edge update

Maximus Trade Update – A Positive Conclusion

It would appear that the preliminary investigations have yielded a positive conclusion.  In this Maximus Trade Update, we feel fairly confident to recommend this software to traders as a trading tool.  However, one must always be cautious and do proper due diligence.  The binary options market is fraught with fraud and scam.  Therefore you must act with prudence and always check your trading results.

The advantage of the Maximus Software is that it is free of charge.  If therefore, you use it diligently but you are still not happy with the results, you can simply switch it off.  Your capital will remain yours to trade or withdraw.

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Disclaimer:  Trading poses a high risk.  You may be exposed to losing part or all of your capital.  Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.  The owner of the site can potentially benefit from payment through affiliation by recommending products on this post.


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