When it comes to trading programs, we are always out there looking for the best of the best. Here at Binary Options Army, we don’t only bust scams, we look at the best of the best trading systems out there. Today we are here doing a Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech review in order to find out which one of these is the best to use. Now, keep in mind that both systems, Maximus Edge and Bit Bubble Tech, are quite different, but they are still worth comparing none the less.

This Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech review is going to cover all of the most important things that you need to know about each program. It is a little difficult to judge which of these two is the best, mainly because they were not really designed to trade the same things. However, this Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech review is going to cover things like profitability, what each program trades, ease of use, and a couple of other important things too. Whether you want to trade cryptocurrencies, Forex, Binary Options, Stocks, CFD, or anything else, we want to help you find the best program to do so right now.


Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech – What Can Be Traded?

The first thing that we need to know about each program is what they can trade. This is pretty important to know no doubt. Keep in mind that we did say that both of these programs are radically different from one another.

When it comes to the Bit Bubble Tech app, it is built for trading cryptocurrencies of all kinds. This particular cryptocurrency trading system has the largest amount of crypto signals available out of all platforms out there to this day. We have to say that we think that Bit Bubble Tech software is the world’s best cryptocurrency trading tool right now.

The Maximus Edge app is a little bit different. In fact, it does not allow you to trade cryptocurrencies at all. This particular platform is built specifically for binary options and Forex trading. On that note, we do think that this is the best BO and FX trading system in the world today. It also allows for some stock trading too. As you can see, both of these systems are designed to do something different. Therefore, there can be no winner in this section of the Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech battle.

Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech – Trading Accuracy

Whether the system in question trades in cryptocurrencies, binary options, FX, stocks or anything else, knowing just how accurate the trades are is very important none the less. The ITM rate of each program will determine the winning trade rates and how many trades are lost.

In terms of the Maximus Edge system, we have experienced really good ITM rates no doubt. When we engage in manual trading with this program, we have been afforded steady ITM rates over 80%. 80% is the very minimum, but we have gotten all the way up to 92% with certain trading sessions. As you can see, the Maximus Edge program is indeed very accurate and has the ability to execute lots of winning trades.

When it comes to the Bit Bubble Tech app, we have also had the privilege of using it for several months now. We could really not be any happier with the results. We have been able to achieve ITM rates upwards of 85% in manual trading. In fact, this was as low an ITM rate as we ever had with this system. In general the Bit Bubble Tech system has afforded ITM rates up to 95% and even 100% for certain trading sessions.

As can be seen, the trading accuracy for each of these systems is very high. This section of the Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech battle is also a draw. Yes, the Bit Bubble Tech program technically has a slightly higher win rate than Maximus Edge software, but both programs trade different things. Therefore, we have to call it a draw because both systems do wonders in their own right.

Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech – Profitability

The number one most important aspect of any trading system, whether cryptocurrency, binary options, or otherwise, is how profitable the system in question is. We already talked about how both platforms in this Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech battle are very accurate, but how much money does that actually translate into?

Well, the Maximus Edge App has managed to provide us with a steady income no doubt. Our best trading session have managed to provide us with profits of around $1,250 per day. We have had days where profits were as low as $600, but that is still a good income for one single day.

On the other hand, the Bit Bubble Tech system has provided us with an even better income. A single trading session of just 15 minutes has provided us with $600 or more on several occasions. Daily profits with the Bit Bubble Tech platform have been as high as $2,000 or more depending on how long we trade for. We have had awesome sessions with this system. If we can make $600 in 15 minutes, just imagine how much we could have made if we continued trading all day long.

Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech – Other Important Points

  • In their own right, each of these platforms has the best, most accurate, and highest quantity of trading signals around. Maximus Edge software is the number one tool for BO and FX, whereas Bit Bubble Tech software is clearly the best for cryptocurrencies.
  • Both of these trading platforms come with awesome educational tools. In terms of binary options, Maximus Edge software will teach you absolutely everything there is to know about being a successful trader. The exact same thing can be said for the Bit Bubble Tech Platform.
  • Both of these trading programs are very easy to use and even easier to get the hang of in the first place. An easy to understand user interface is always nice.



Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, we cannot really say which one of these is the winner. This is because this Maximus Edge VS Bit Bubble Tech comparison has pitted a crypto trading system against a binary options trading platform. In our opinion, Maximus Edge software is indeed the best option for FX and BO, while Bit Bubble Tech software is the number one choice for cryptocurrency trading.


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