The random setup of the Mayfair The Settlers of Catan board game, along with the new dynamics offered by different players, means that the game is new every time. However, if that is not enough, variants can offer even more of a change. Here are some tips for introducing variants.

Get familiar with the game- Variants can drastically change the nature of game play so it’s important to know the game before making adaptations. As you play, you will think of rules that can be easily adapted. The more familiar you are with the game, the easier it will be to anticipate the effect of a new rule.

Know your goals- Before you start playing with a variant, it would be beneficial to know what your goals for the game play are. Some variants will speed up the game while other slow it down. A game of classic Settlers can be long enough so make sure you know what the variant will do to game speed.

Consider your group- If your group members are newbies to the Mayfair The Settlers of Catan board game, you may not want to throw new rules at them. However, some variants can level out the game, so they may be beneficial. Consider the dynamics of your playing group when you suggest or choose a variant.

Test it out- It’s best to give a variant the benefit of a complete run-through before deciding whether or not to use it again. It may start out slowly, but pick up after a few turns. However, if your group is suffering through the new variant don’t hesitate to abandon it.  It is a game after all and you know that the classic version will always be fun.

Make your own- Whether you further adapt a variant or make up your own from scratch, it’s a good way to make the game your own.

Along with posting the rules of variants, online forums contain discussion of the changes and how they affected the game.  Use this chatter to decide which variants might work for you.

Source by domnik