Here is my McDonald Millionaire App Review In which I am going to reveal every hidden fact about the McDonald Millionaire Software. The McDonald Millionaire App is apparently a powerful automatic trading software that is guaranteed to generate a minimum of $7000 per week for each and every user! No prior knowledge, skills or experience are required – all the users need to do is start the software and rake in a life-changing sum without lifting a finger. We’ll come straight to the point and warn everyone from the very beginning that the McDonald Millionaire App is obviously a total scam.

This shall be demonstrated throughout the McDonald Millionaire review, but do be aware that even by binary trading scams incredibly low standard, this really is a bottom of the barrel effort. If it weren’t for the bitter fact that this software has already stolen thousands of dollars from investors across the globe, it would almost be amusing because the back story is that incredulous. However a scam is a scam, so let’s get started on tearing the McDonalds Millionaire Scam App to shreds.

McDonald Millionaire App Review: Robert Mfune’s Software Exposed!

Usually, we don’t like to dwell too much on the fantasy back stories that tend to be used to market scams, but in this case, it’s just so crazy it really demands to be explained. In this case, people who are unlucky enough to somehow find themselves on the McDonald Millionaire App website are informed that this software was developed by Robert Mfune, at the time a 19-year-old worker at a McDonald’s restaurant. irritated at long hours for little pay, he did what everyone would – develop a binary trading software that delivers an exceptional 89% success rate and generates hundreds of thousands of bucks a year.

Allow us to raise a few questions about this crazy backstory. Firstly, is it likely that a teenager could develop on their own a trading platform that is on par with those used by multinational trading firms at enormous expense? Secondly, why is he giving it away for free when it would be worth an absolute fortune on the open market? Third, why does he claim to be the CEO of McDonalds Millionaire App corporation when no company is listed as even existing? The answer, of course, is that it’s all complete fantasy and nothing more than the product of some shady crook’s overactive imagination!

Is McDonald Millionaire App a Scam?

Yes for sure. We always warn any budding traders to stay clear of any fully automated software as 99% of the time they’re going to be scams. The McDonald Millionaire App review software is no different and unsurprisingly is configured entirely to make certain that you lose all of your funds. Testimony from those who have already been scammed by this ‘service’ explains that after placing a minimum $250 deposit, clients are then partnered up with Prime CFDs – a totally unregulated scam broker who has a terrible reputation to maintain. There are no other options, ensuring that every new member is basically already set up to be scammed.

McDonalds Millionaire App Scam

Another point worth noting about the McDonald Millionaire scam is that during the marketing presentation the actor playing young Mr. Mfune proudly displays snapshots of his income that has previously been generated using this software. The awkward problem is that these have been utterly fabricated. The bank statements displayed on the McDonald Millionaire website show staggering income being generated as long as eight years ago – which is impossible because we’re told this is a brand new software and would mean that Mfune would have been 11 when he created it. We’re all for encouraging young people to develop an early entrepreneurial spirit – but draw the line in this case!

The actual truth behind the McDonald Millionaire scam software is much more straightforward. This is an easily reskinned fake trading application that simulates trading (and your steady losses) while the money is actually already stashed away in the crook broker’s private accounts. This is how the vast majority of binary signals scams are carried out and an absolutely emphatic reason for not dreaming of having anything to do with McDonald Millionaire App review website.

Masses Of Falsified McDonald Millionaire Reviews

Scammers are happy to peddle and old nonsense providing it helps attract trading newbies to sign up McDonald Millionaire App with them. They simply do not care about how incredibly easy it to prove this because they know that only a tiny percentage of those who view these testimonials will bother to perform a reverse image search. In a matter of seconds, you can see clear as day that every single testimonial used on the McDonald Millionaire App review website has been written either by the crooks running the McDonald Millionaire scam or by a subcontracted copywriter.

The actual people used to advertise the site will likely have no clue that their image is being exploited in this way. As for the actors, they’re very low cost talking heads (although we confess to not having seen ‘Mfune’ before) hired via the likes of Fiverr. It’s not uncommon to see these actors play roles across many different scams so we’ll expect to see him again soon.

McDonalds Millionaire System

Does McDonald Millionaire App Work for Experts?

No. It will loot all your money. An important word of warning is to keep an eye out for false McDonald Millionaire App review sites! These used to be relatively rare but have exploded over the past year or two. Binary scams are big business and search ranking is of paramount importance – so crafty crooks pay review sites for top mark write ups and employ SEO marketing experts to proliferate their product across social media. We’re sad to report that McDonald Millionaire scam is no different and has invested considerably in this form of illicit advertising. You can find many McDonald Millionaire App reviews praising them for no reason.

Conclusion: McDonald Millionaire Does Not Work. It’s a Scam!

Credit where due – the scammers behind the McDonald Millionaire App Scam really have applied themselves in creating this loopy scam. It’s almost as if they decided that the standard scam approach was growing a little long in the tooth, so dreamed up a story and product so ludicrous it’d be impossible to make up. Well, we’re not buying it and can say with 100% certainty that there is nothing at all to recommend McDonald Millionaire app review software to anyone (not even your worst enemy – don’t stoop to the crook’s level).

It ticks all the boxes when it comes to identifying a binary trading scam. Masses of fake testimonials, doctoring of performance data, exploiting crooked marketing strategies, and of course a back story so bizarre that it really ought to have been released on April Fool’s Day. This being said there’s nothing amusing about this horrible scam, and even though it has only been on the market for a few days is already hard at work stealing people’s hard earned cash. Stay well away from McDonald Millionaire App scam.

McDonald Millionaire App Review :- Robert Mfune’s Software Exposed !

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