I'm sitting in Piccadilly, eating my usual soybean burger when, like a bison charging a train, another I suddenly rushes in stumbling by cash desk. I burst out foolishly laughing, puzzled and amazed, I dare say uneasy, and slowly get up, watching the scene as in a slow motion movie, to help him somehow, giving my hand to get up or a pouch on his shoulders or just asking : Hey, is everything alright? In the meantime the cashier does not stop barking; Turning to the other side, he carelessly pretends to inspect the tables while nervously torturing his fingers.

As soon as the other me becomes aware of me and realizes that he has not noticed, his face brightens and his eyes wide open. He gets up fast but clumsy, exclaiming that he had a fantastic understanding and has to report it to me immediately, because it concerns both, and above all, the journey of our souls. I invite and accompany him to sit at my table and without a conscious reason order two mugs of cold mint tea, anise flavored, before which, smiling and relaxed, as if at home, at last, he begins telling me, while, my lips Twisted and lowered to the sides, I nod perplexed, and looking into his eyes, listen to.

I'm quietly paddling down the 'Yang Tze' – en enunciates – smiling between me and me under my funny straw hat, enjoying the sounds of water and landscape colors, fresh breeze, heat and moisture on the skin, anchored to a present of Supreme pleasure and enchanted by the beauty that surrounds and fills me when, like a lightning flashing the sun, suddenly appears, on the right side of my field of consciousness, the vision of another me, wearing a spacesuit, floating in space out of the Spaceship, without wearing the helmet. I'm petrified by surprise, my muscles are shaken, guts twisted, and with eyes blinded by amazement, but holding my surprise and pretending not to be annoyed, with a gesture of my hand I ask him what he wants.

As soon as the other me becomes aware of me and realizes that he has not noticed, he immediately begins gesturing with impetuous, moving his mouth and eyes as if to communicate something of vital importance. I strive to try to decipher his labia and what I understand is that: I am blissfully sitting on the cold marble of the great and half-empty meditation room, somewhat apart to take advantage of the peace that place emanates and offers, protected by a Huge mosquito net that lets me see the beautiful surrounding garden, green of a thousand florid plants, and listen to the songs of the cuckoo and bird of paradise, the flow of water and the bamboos, when, instinctively turning my head to the left, Toward the entrance, I see another me coming in and looking around.

I smile at the understanding that I am not the only one. I get up slowly and meditatively and starting up towards the exit, stealthily approach him, trying not to be noticed, to observe and perceive, closely, that unexpected and welcome mirror of me. He is unaware, studying the place trying to understand it, and to my approach, he quickly looks at me, as part of that context and nothing more. I smile and step over, aware of the charm of that event, with a sweet feeling in my heart that pervades my whole being. There is aounding understanding that keeps me in a state of bliss even when, as now that I tell you, my mind tries, with its small strength, to analyze and define, in vain, something bigger than itself.

Source by Andrea Scarsi