The South Carolina Mega Match 6/37 or most commonly known as the Mega Match 6 began last February 2008. The jackpot starts at $ 550,000. If no one wins, it will increase by at least $ 25,000 with each roll over until someone wins the jackpot. Then, it will start at $ 550,000 once.

To play Mega Match 6 lottery is very simple. Choose 6 numbers from one (1) to thirty seven (37). When you get your ticket, the first line at the top are the numbers you have chosen, the next two lines are randomly chosen for you by the computer. Match 4 to 6 numbers horizontally on each line or match 5 or more numbers in any combination across all three lines to win. Get all 6 numbers in horizontally and you will win the jackpot.

The rules are simple enough to follow. What's difficult in playing this lottery is the choosing of the numbers that you would use to play. Since the odd of winning all six numbers is one in 2,324,784, the chance of you winning is really low. So let's face it, the odds are against you every time you play Mega Match 6. But there is still hope. We just need to remember some very important details in choosing numbers to give a better chance of winning the draw.

There are several things to remember in choosing the right numbers for play. It is very important to remember these pointers to avoid making the wrong choices in the numbers to be used.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing numbers is to know what numbers to avoid. There are certain numbers that decreases your chances of winning. So, it is wise to remember what not to choose.

Do not pick number combinations that have been drawn before. The chances of those numbers coming out right after the previous draw are really low. Most of the time, previous numbers that have already been drawn do not come out again for a long period. So, do not think that the previous winning numbers would come out again.

Do not pick consecutive numbers. Avoid picking numbers consecutively. There is a very low chance that those numbers will come out. In most cases only one of the six numbers will come out. Also avoid picking 1-2-3-4-5-6. Most often than not, these are the numbers that are being used to play and in most cases, these numbers have rarely come out in any kind of combination.

Avoid using "Quick Picks." Like all the other types of lottery out there, you have the option for the terminal to choose the numbers for you. It might seem that the "Quick Pick" numbers are the ones being drawn to win but in most cases, the "Quick Pick" numbers are the numbers that do not usually come out.

Avoid calendar numbers. In most cases, people would choose numbers based on their birthdays or ages. Although, these types of combinations are usually the ones people use in Mega Match 6, the numbers only reaches until 31. Mega Match 6 has until number 37 so try to add higher numbers in the batch to increase your chances of winning.

Source by Chris S Malcolm