For many years now, a lot of shoe designs and styles have become intrinsic components of the fashion industry and moccasins are no exception when it comes to being out there and trendy. They may have been worn since pre-historic times, but they have clearly evolved in terms of form and material construction. Womens moccasins and mens moccasins are still in demand at really competitive amounts.

Moccasins for either sex are typically manufactured from animal leather. The most common materials used include:

1. Suede – a type of leather with a smooth brushed finish. Womens moccasins are usually made from this material because it combines the feeling of comfort and sophistication. Pairs made from this material may be worn all year round except during wet seasons. It usually necessitates rigid maintenance because it is not as durable as other full-grain leather materials.

2. Leather – this one is extracted from animal skin. Moccasins for men are usually made with this durable material since most males tend to be heavier and have larger feet. There are various types of leather, such as cowhide, moose hide and deerskin. The first one usually goes through various tanning processes. The second one has a softer buttery feel, which makes such moccasins sensitive to scratches, scars and scores. The third one is like moose hide leather in terms of softness, but it is known to provide more comfort and flexibility.

3. Sheepskin (also known as lambskin) – a combination of leather skin and wool fur is what makes this material very appealing. Womens moccasins are found to be most comfortable when made from this material. Such footwear is also becoming popular among women because sheepskin comes in better tones, thus enabling far innovative designs.

Although moccasins for men made from sheepskin are prevalent, most males are not satisfied upon using them. This is due to the sensitivity of the material to moisture. This tend to be a problem because men's sweat glands are more active (although women have more sweat glands). Therefore, a pair of such moccasins can not be used for outdoor activities, which many moccasin-wearing men engage in.

Each of the materials for men and womens moccasins has its own limitations. On the other hand, if your moccasins are given proper care, you can expect it to last longer. For the waterproofed suede types, a cleaning kit inclusive of suede eraser and small stiff brush is available for cleaning them. Leather pairs can be maintained with leather cleaner and a soft cotton cloth. Leather conditioners can also be used if you want your moccasins to achieve an aged look. Sheepskin moccasins can be washed with lukewarm water and non-enzyme liquid soap (for leathers).

Source by Patricia A. Jones