Men want to look good in every situation – from beach to boardroom. Perhaps this is why men’s swimwear is becoming increasingly fashion-conscious. Taking a cue from women’s swimwear, men’s swimwear is now designed to accentuate the merits of the male body in styles ranging from the minimalist bikini brief to the more modest board short silhouette.

Trends come and go, and men’s swimwear is no exception. While the traditional Speedo-style swim brief was popular in the past, today men are purchasing less swim briefs –  perhaps because they have a restricting fit and provide minimal coverage.  

Instead, more men are opting for the board short style of men’s swimwear, which has a relaxed, comfortable fit and offers more coverage. Board shorts for men are so hot that women are wearing board shorts, too. You’ll find “boyfriend”  style board shorts in women’s casual fashion and women’s swimwear designs.

Men’s swimwear comes in four main categories: Board shorts, swim trunks, swim shorts and swim briefs. Of these types of men’s swimwear, board shorts are by far the most popular. In fact, board shorts are the fastest growing trend in men’s swimwear today.  

Board Shorts

What is it about men’s swimwear board shorts that makes them so popular? Perhaps it’s the comfortable fit and casual styling that make board shorts a favorite among men. Perhaps it’s the athletic spirit of board shorts, which were originally developed for surfing but quickly spread to mainstream men’s swimwear.

Authentic board shorts are designed to be quick drying; they are often made of smooth polyester or nylon material. Board shorts are durable and hold up to wear from contact with a surfboard yet they are comfortable and lightweight. This type of men’s swimwear doesn’t have an elastic waist like swim shorts do; instead it has a more rigid waistband with a laced drawstring. Board shorts have longer legs than other men’s swimwear with the length extending below the knees at times.

The hottest brand names in men’s swimwear are introducing board short swimwear designs this year, including True Religion, Armani and Diesel. Of course, True Religion is known for its signature denim styles, and the brand doesn’t fall short of expectations when it comes to men’s swimwear.  

This season, True Religion introduced men’s swimwear board shorts featuring well-known True Religion denim touches such as large contrast stitching, a zipper fly, two back pockets and a slimmer leg, cut to look more like jeans.

Swim Briefs

The men’s swim brief is cut like a bikini brief, without any extra fabric on the legs and often with low-rise styling. The old-school Speedo type of swimsuit is a traditional men’s swim brief. Although Speedo is a brand of men’s swimwear, “Speedo” has become synonymous with any tight-fitting minimalist swim brief.

When it comes to competitive swimming and triathlons, Speedo is the top brand. Speedo swim briefs are form-fitting to reduce drag. They have been the go-to brand for competitive water sports for many years. The traditional Speedo swim brief is also seen on the beaches of Europe, where men and women typically expose more skin than in the United States.

Today, Speedo is making men’s swimwear with a longer length leg, including board shorts. In fact, Speedo is one of the top-selling brands of board shorts. However, the traditional Speedo swim brief remains the favorite of some men.

Swim Trunks

Another popular style in men’s swimwear today is the swim trunk, which resembles the boxer brief in men’s underwear. The swim trunk has shorter legs than board shorts but longer legs than a swim brief. For many men, the swim trunk represents a “happy medium” style of men’s swimwear.

The swim trunk enjoyed notoriety when Daniel Craig wore a swim trunk in the James Bond movie “Casino Royale.” Fueled by the trunk silhouette in men’s underwear, the swim trunk has become a popular choice for men who want to show off their physique without squeezing into a tight-fitting swim brief.  

Cut straight across at the legs, the swim trunk swimsuit provides more coverage of the backside. Many men prefer the swim trunk to other types of men’s swimwear since the swim trunk is sexy but still leaves a little to the imagination.

Swim Shorts

Men’s swimwear also includes swim shorts, which are the “boxers” of men’s swimwear. They look similar to the boxer style of men’s underwear, with legs that reach mid-thigh length and a soft, elasticized waist. Typically, men’s swimwear swim trunks are flyless.  

Two top fashion brands that have recently introduced men’s swim shorts are Armani and Diesel. Although swim shorts are the least popular of the four types of men’s swimwear, swim shorts have a loyal following and some men prefer this type of silhouette to other men’s swimwear styles.

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