“All you have to do is think about what you want often enough that you start talking about it and moving with it, even if you have to fake it.

Your job is simple. Even if you only “attempt” to do it, you will have done it. The slightest effort on your side is leveraged 10,000 times on my side. A nod, a wink, a whisper are sometimes all I need; a demonstration that breaks the ice, beginning a domino effect of happy “accidents” and “coincidences.”

If you do this, I’ll do the rest. It is that easy. I am that powerful. Life is that magical.

Thinking of your smile,

The Universe”

If it’s OK to bluff in a poker game, why not bluff with everything else in life. As long as you fake and make belief for yourself and your subconscious mind that you are already there, it will send a positive message to the Universe that it should believe as well that wealth and abundance already manifested in your life. The thought in itself that you have made it without the attempt of actually making it will send a negative message to the Universe that you are doubting your potential, hence, will render mediocre results. You are making things happen everyday even when taking small tiny steps. It may seem like nothing is happening, or that you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is because the Universe feels that it is not YET your time to be recognized worldwide. Yes, some may be able to accomplish their goals quicker and get the needed recognition from their hard earned effort, which can be frustrating at times, but everyone has a different story and shouldn’t ever be compared with yours.

It is really important to never compare yourself or your capabilities with someone else because you will always end up getting more frustrated and disappointed. Focus on your own goals and ambitions as they most probably different from everyone elses. As long as you demonstrates constant efforts on a daily basis, that you plan your to-do list so you can check the tasks done daily, you are getting closer and closer to the life you always dreamed of. It is true that you will need to sacrifice a lot to reach your goals, but never forget to LIVE your life as well. Never forego family events just for the sake of making an additional 100 dollars. Despite that family will always understand your work ethics and will encourage you to succeed, you want them to remember you for attending important events that are meaningful to them. Your success will just stay YOUR success, even if you share your wealth with every member of your family. What’s really important is the connection you keep all throughout your path to success. The Universe will understand and will respect you better for emphasizing on the real important things in life. Money will come and go, but the love you have for your family is very fragile. This is worth more than any amount of money offered to you on a golden platter.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag