“Almost no one ever says it will be easy.

Actually, most say it will be hard. Really, really hard.

What do you tell yourself, day after day?

Hubba, hubba –

The Universe”

If it was easy, everybody would do it. If entrepreneurship didn’t have its moment of frustration, disappointment, failure, desperation, etc… , we would have 7.1 billion people starting businesses without finding ANY employees because everyone would be entrepreneurs. That would definitely be very interesting to see and experience. But thanks to people who are reluctant to taking any risk in life, they become employees to those who live to risk it all. That is why we have just a very tiny minority of the population who are willing to sacrifice everything without knowing if they would ever succeed, and will probably end up losing everything. However, they thrive on living without having any clue of what may happen in a year from now. These type of people are the one employing the other 97% of the population who are afraid. Life is NOT easy, and it may never be easy even for those who are employed with a steady job and steady life. The reality is that many are stuck in a job and are very unhappy, but are not willing to take a step out of their comfort zone to try living a life that may be risky but will render better results than sticking with the stable life they think they live in.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and as the famous Jim Carrey says: “If there is a risk in living a life you don’t love, might as well take a risk with the things you love doing.” Means that if you decide to work for someone providing you a steady job and salary but you hate it with passion, that job is not guaranteed either way. He can fire you anytime or close shop as well and you find yourself on the streets with nothing. So might as well take the risk on the things you love doing and have full control over. Even if you fail, they wouldn’t be any regret on your part for trying to do the things you were meant to do. So what will you tell yourself everyday? Is life easy or hard, or really really hard? Depending on your answer, you need to decide what you will do to make changes and start living the life you always wanted to live. The rest is really up to you. Keep faith that everything will work out, take actions when you want to do something and believe that it will happen. The Universe will take care of the rest.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag