Metatrader and Ivybot are the famous software or robots of forex market. They are heavily used by many traders and brokers. Both have their own features which facilitate the traders differently. If you are searching for the software that best meets your needs then this article may help you. Metatrader or the Ivybot forex may be the one that fulfills your requirements. Here is an article which discusses the main features of both the softwares. Let's talk about the Ivybot first:

o It is the only software that can upgrade itself according to the market conditions. So it can earn long term profits for you as it will not get outdated soon like other softwares.
o It main feature is its versatility. It can trade in 4 different kinds of currency pairs which are EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, USD / JPY and USD / CHF. So it has the capabilities of four robots.
o It has a unique algorithm installed that can predict future trends of the market. Its results are proved to be 98% true.
o It is very easy to install, download and start trading. Only you need 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
o It functionality is also very simple and it becomes simpler with the help of manuals and video tutorials.
o Technical staff facilitates the users 24 hours and 6 days a week.
o It has the sale price of only $ 149.95.
o The demo version of the software is also offered for testing.

Metatrader has very different features than Ivybot forex and it is also very popular among the traders, banks and brokers.

o Metatrader can be integrated with other forex softwares as well. In this way you can increase the profit making chances.
o It can also trade in different currency pairs
o It follows the live trading providing updates day to day.
o Large disk space is provided for storing huge data. A user can store the past trades results for using them in future or back testing.
o Guaranteed security because of high technology encryption techniques used.
o Average monthly price is about $ 50 to $ 80.

These features are described with the results collected from the user views. It is better to study more and more on the robots before buying it. And it is always recommended to use the demo version of any software so that you get used to it.

Source by Helen C. Wilson