Read our very important review regarding the Million Dollar Bot SCAM, before you throw your hard-earned money away!  Due to a large increase in inquires we expect this system to go viral, and to make matters worse newbie day-traders are reporting being cheated out of their money by some fictitious paid actor known as “Thomas Cooper.”  Throughout our Million Dollar Bot software review we will be diving into the functionality of how this auto trader is supposed to work, but most importantly reveal the lies and deceptions that this scam is built upon.

Pressure Inducing Widgets:  The Million Dollar Bot website,, shares many characteristics with other software scams we have exposed in the past.  As you can see for yourself in the image below, we have the notorious “Spots Remaining” widget that countdowns in order to rush visitors on the site into hurrying up and signing up.  We have a fake profit generator widget too beneath the deceptive pitch video that goes back to its originating value whenever you refresh the page.

One piece of advice we can share with investors would be that if you come across any sites incorporating these widgets to watch the widgets, refresh the page and look for it to restart then back out of the page.  If you notice the values of those widgets go back to their starting value then clearly you are dealing with a scam so it is best to avoid it!  Perhaps the most deceptive element of the Million Dollar Bot scam would be the promotional video that is used to lure you in and gain your trust.

Thomas Cooper, the alleged founder behind Million Dollar Bot, is nothing more than a paid actor.  Appearing as the main spokesperson behind this scam, “Thomas Cooper” appears as a legitimate founding figure for a trading software such as Million Dollar Bot.  However, as we have learned, looks can be greatly deceiving.  For example, the numerous testimonials used throughout the pitch video are all fake.  Recruiting mediocre actors from cheap marketplaces along with utilizing stock images to serve as “testimonials” just go to show you that nothing is authentic or legitimate with the Million Dollar Bot software.

Claiming that profits generated by members to be over a sum of $53 million is not only absurd but completely unbelievable when no proof what-so-ever is presented to us.  You would think that if all your members have exceeded a combined profit of over $53 million to date that you could atleast show us a shred of evidence.  Instead what we receive about this auto trading scam would be complaints about traders losing their initial deposits, performance results no higher than 45% and some reports of overcharges to credit cards have been reported.

Thomas Cooper claims the Millionaire Bot is a “revolutionary trading program that will make you money before Wall Street knows what hit them.”  Relying on paid actors and stock images to gain your trust and deceive traders is just where your mistreatment will begin if you put your faith with this online trading scam.  For those of you who have been deceived and cheated by this scam we urge traders to step forward, file a complaint with WatchDog and take back what is rightfully yours!

Review Verdict:  Million Dollar Bot is a SCAM!

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Countries Not Accepted:  USA, Canada, Belgium, France and Israel

Similar Scams:  Fortune Bot, The Millionaire Bot & 24/7 CashBot

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