Read this honest review regarding the Millionaire Methods SCAM before you lose more than just your money! Relying on paid actors and purchased stock images to serve as convincing user-testimonials, every component of this malicious trading scam is fabricated and misleading. If you come across any reviews or YouTube channels that are currently endorsing this bogus trading software we ask that you file a report with WatchDog. As you will learn nothing about is authentic, which is why we are urging traders to avoid this scam and to read this review in its entirety so you know what measures to take if you have been scammed.

Exposing the Millionaire Methods Scam

Ryan Dennis, a paid actor, claims that he created the Millionaire Methods software and is the proud owner of Twin Peak Profits. However, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, no records of a company known as Twin Peak Profits actually exists. Furthermore, no existence of Ryan Dennis is found outside the internet besides in relation to Millionaire Methods scam reviews. As if that wasn’t bad enough already, to make matters worse, even if you had a technical problem or a bad experience to report with this software the only contact information provided with this service would be an anonymous email address.


This raises the question of why a “legitimate” service would fail to provide any address, telephone number or real company name. Could it be because is trying to hide something from you? Absolutely! Besides that fact that the sleaze balls behind this scam are lying to your face about trader testimonials, the total online profits generated to date is complete rubbish! Having generated over $3,000,000 to date when the website was only created on June 12th, 2017 is an outrageous and unbelievable claim!

However, the lies don’t stop there. Further below the fake profit widget, you can see paid actors who have been hired to earn your trust.  “Mark Woods” of Millionaire Methods is actually a paid actor from a cheap online marketplace known as Unfortunately, the lies don’t stop there with the Millionaire Methods scam. All of the testimonials provided further down the webpage are confirmed stock images either purchased or stolen from some online image bank.

Millionaire Methods Fake Testimonials

How Does Millionaire Methods Work?

The riddle of how the Millionaire Methods software works is one that still has yet to be solved. The only time we are given information on how this software functions would be when Ryan Dennis mentions that the software utilizes over 4,000 permutations. Nothing more and nothing less is provided to us. Which means we are uncertain if this investment software runs off of some bogus investment algorithm, customized technical indicators or just randomly executed trades. However the Millionaire Methods software functions does not truly matter due to the pitiful accuracy of this software. Community feedback reveals that the average success rate reported with this scam is just under 50%, well below the margin needed to accrue a profit.

Millionaire Methods – Scam or Trustworthy?

We believe that the evidence provided throughout this scam review should be enough to deter even the most novice of investors away from this scam. Every component of this scam is fabricated as we have shown with the sole intention of deceiving day-traders out of their money.  The claim to abide by a 100% money back guarantee is contradicted by reports from those who have fallen victim. It goes without saying that this binary options auto trader should be avoided at all costs! Nothing but misery and loss of capital will occur!

Millionaire Methods is a SCAM!

Millionaire Methods Verdict – Fabricated SCAM Exposed!

Why put your faith with a binary options auto trader that lies to your face? Don’t believe the hype currently revolving around this auto trading scam, just like the site itself none of it is authentic. It is evident that the creators behind this scam are not looking out for your well-being and will go to unbelievable measures to get you sign up with their get-rich-quick scheme. The live chat agent at talks a good game but don’t believe a word! Do yourself a monumental favor by avoiding anything related to Millionaire Methods.

Review Verdict: Millionaire Methods is a SCAM! 

Blacklisted Website:

At the time of writing, had a global Alexa rank of 730,289. They are quite popular and highly visited from traders who reside within the United States as well as Hungary, Georgia, Canada and Russia. One note that we should point as well would be that investing with binary options is illegal in Canada.

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