Big money has flowed into the sports and the reason it is there because the corporate companies want maximum exposure for their companies and brands.

A huge amount of money has reached the sports because of the fact that the corporate companies wanted a new avenue to advertise their products. Initially they started giving money to the sports clubs to put banners in the stadiums because a lot of people came to watch their games and the companies will get good amount of exposure.

Then came the concept of celebrity endorsements and that is where the he money started following the big stars of any sports like the golf with the like of Tiger Woods, or basketball with the likes of Michael Jordan and tennis with the likes Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf .

These players bagged multi-million dollar deals with the companies and that has lead to them putting logos of the sponsoring companies at places like the tennis racks, the head bands, the jerseys, the socks and of course the shoes.

The reason again is that companies want the two things to happen to the consumer. The first one being what in advertising is called the top of the mind recall and the other one is the targeting the young ones as they spend the most and create an aspirational value for the brand.

The good thing about all this money flowing in is that a lot of youngsters have taken to sports in a big way because of the lure of the money. Then of course there are parents who want their kids to get into sports so that they can make good money not by winning alone but by the corporate sponsorships.

The professional sports bodies like the NBA or the MLB get good money by signing blank deals with the corporate sponsors and they in turn use that money for promoting the sports aggressively at all levels and also build the necessary infrastructure.

Purists certainly are aghast at this commercialization of sports but the fact remains that without this money the sports would have been just a hobby to pursued and not a serious money making profession. A lot of people would have given up sports when they grew up because they wanted to earn their daily bread. This has now changed and the people actually take up sports to earn the money and make a career out of it.

Source by Alka Kheterpal