The creation of wealth at the heart of God was made manifest in the beauty of the Garden of Eden. God created every other creature of His creation, and did not at any time give them the charge as He did unto Adam. This was the dealing of appointing overseer, whereby you and I are absorbed into the very bosom of authority to creating wealth. Creating money.

The authority was a generous wealth creation and preservation. Adam was of the instruction to keeping the Garden, which is equal to leasing the wealth, harvesting money. Let us at this point in time consider what is wealth. Wealth is more than money; your total well being is the emphasis on this discovery, than just money. Your health, or security which shelter, food and every other things that life could be buttered with, are enclosed.

The modern society had shifted the measure of wealth to the range of money. That is the truth that having money enough to spend and to spare is wealth in power. Let us not deviate in our minds at all, as we have to face the whole truth in totality. Making or creating money is the imagery of this discovery. HOW TO CREATE MONEY.

It is more than the saying, where your power to create money lies. Your mind is in the wandering on where and what to hook on, in order to proving your ability to exist in term of wealth, let it settle at a point that, it is not a wandering matter, than a cruel formula of self actualization by your mind.You do not have to look unto anyone else to make wealth, than into your very being, your mind.

God had accomplished the ideal of creation, and the whole province was settled at the point of His command to taking dominion. Adam was then made a farmer of Eden's rich (wealthy) Garden. We are made the farmers of the earth garden, and we should be up and doing in this garden of wealth.

The whole earth is full of money. Although there is no particular place that money is displayed or declared for claimants yet; God has made it possible for you and I to dream. What is your dream about this wealth of God?

It grieves the heart of God where we are left in the dust of poverty. There is now that gold dust is found, than your very soul, your mind. You can not get anything possibly than dreaming about it fervently. It is not only at night that dream is made possible. Our vision is the dream that we are pursuing after. And what is your dream?

Praying to the least atom of our energy can only open the eye of our mind to the dream of wealth making, the area that money could be found in the sense of our vocations. It is not everyone's right to making wealth from the civil service. You have many other avenues, or your create one. Running from goal to post, wandering from trade to trade is an unstable attitude. So many had wandered this way out of wealth even.

Wealth is created in the heart (mind), just like every other thing of creation. God did not see the heavens, nor did the firm hang somewhere, veiled from the eye of God, than did he see it with His mind eye. It is this same God that had given us the key to making everything, and anything possible.

Making wealth possible in the creation terms depicts the fact of deploying the mind. Setting up spiritual placards, and demonstrating the reality with it is the most powerful way to answer the prayer of wealth making. It is true that God answers our prayers yet; we need to bring them to manifestation, by believing that the prayers are answer.

Faith should be seen as a hand that brings into reality or visibility, what was created in the spiritual. Creation is done in the closet, which is your heart. You do not have to seek a priest in this respect else, a lot of them would have been excessively rich, had they realized this well of wealth.

The whole truth lies on the fact that, we must, repeat must first create what we are looking for, and be specific in our creation. God did not create man with the other view of creating cow. He created man and was specific in creating him, and in an image. Wealth should be also created into an image, what specifically, we are creating.

It becomes so unfortunate that someone was praying for a car, but did not specify the type he was actually looking for. God regards our heart desires most, while creating anything we want in our prayer. Permissive will come in, and one is given a thing that looks like what he was creating in his prayer.
Specification in creation is perfection therein.

God's creation of man did not end with the molding of the earth to form the man, than the breath of life into man's nostrils. That was the point of power, as the transferring of value was effected by the exchange of life. God did not take anything from the created man, than beloved Himself over him.

This level of creation envisaged the level of love that should be while creating. You must express love to whateverever you are creating else, they can never come alive. Money on creation by your very heart (mind) is or should be a dear to your heart else, it is not coming coming. You also need to follow up what you have created, by finding an avenue of fulfillment.

There is no magical creation in this ramification, nor do I suggest your trying to invoke spirits to serve (deliver) your providence. No, a thousand time no. It is simply the communion that should exist between you and your need, with hope of fulfillment (providence) from God. God needs inspect your creation, and that is where prayer comes to proof.

It is God that gives the mind we are working with. What are the pictures of the vision of your mind? What and what do you want to put in place or replace. This is the rightful way of praying, than to pray the old time prayer of anticipating the angelic deliverance of what you are praying for. We are talking about focus.

Vision is the focus of the mind on a thing needed to come alive in our lives, or another person's life. We do not need to go this way alone, than considering the word of providence, the word of God. There are numerous answers to our prayers in the word of God, and we need to bring these words (keys) to action, for it is the word of God that can act a magnetic force to pulling (manifesting) the focused image / s unto the visible.

There is no fact that God shall descend His angels without bringing the word that was not stored in our mind to the creation balance. We need to seek the right word that rightly fit with the provision of our demands. God is not mock, whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6: 7). What is that you are sowing and shall not reap? Sow wealth, sow money by seeing it with your mind, then going out for it by doing the right thing to go get it.

Source by Andrew Essiet