With increasing use of a simple technology called "INTERNET" worlds has learn to make deals on the global level. You can find a number of business deals and contracts that are between two people on the opposite part of the world but are connected by means of internet and are being able to get the best from each other. Same can be called true for the individual trying to make money by going to internet for jobs.

Broadly speaking you can go for either is these three ways to arrange money online:

1. By selling different products on website: Sites like eBay are the mainly used to sell all kinds of products almost everywhere. With sites like Amazon you can sell your books to other people. This website will provide you a virtual market to sell your things and make liquid cash from it. They help you to sell both brand new products as well as used products.

2. By seeking for online employment : Whenever feasible many companies are use to give work to different people online and pay them after the completion of the work. You can search for the employees who are in the business relating to the virtual products or digital services. You may find the job of website developer, software technician, presentation making, animation making, Logo and Brochure designing.

Data entry is something that is most wide spread job available online as it requires no special skills other than good typing speed. Many companies are actually paying consumers for filling their surveys … !!

3. By becoming an intermediate (Agent): In this kind of work you are actually endorsing other company of people or products which stimulates other to purchase it. Here your commission will be given to you after certain successful purchase only. Here it is important to pursue other to purchase the product as well as telling them to write your name as a reference friend (endorsers).

You need to have following information to make the online deals possible and specifically the transaction of the money and it realization to you.

If service provider is paying you directly into your bank account than you need to provide only two details to the employer.

1. Bank account number
2. IFSC code – Bank brand locater code

There is no need to give any password or customer id or any other codes to the employee.

  • Other option is that employer can pay you through online payment websites like PayPal of Moneybooker etc. You must have account in any of these website to make transaction between different nations. After receiving money in the site account you can withdraw the amount directly to your bank account
  • The traditional option will be to post the checks by courier to your address. Be very accurate while submitting your address in such case. This option is less preferable as the cost of courier between nations is quite high and you have to incur such cost.

Source by Casey Trillbar