There are 4 sides to my money making equation.

Let’s break them down like this…


Without you there would be no business. You have to decide to start the business. You have to decide what you want the business to be. You have to decide all the details. (Ads, hosting, design, content, your initial investment) Many products will tell you that you don’t have to be involved. They will set it up, run it, advertise it, and supply the entire product you need. All you have to do is pay this “investment fee” and you will be reaping all the benefits in no time.

Have you ever seen any profits from those programs? I never have and I have tried plenty!

Who is making the money in this situation? NOT YOU!


Many of us not only want, but desperately need to make money fairly quickly. Unfortunately, unless you are that one in a million business owner who just happens to have the right product at the right time being marketed to the right people, you are not going to be flooded with more money than you know what to do with. There are programs that promise you will have money flooding your account virtually overnight. These are usually the same programs that claim you don’t have to do anything but sit back and check your bank account. Once again the money is not being made by YOU. It takes time and knowledge to grow your own money tree.

C=Your Plan

Before you sit down at the computer to build your first business you need a game plan. Part of knowing what you need to accomplish your goal of success and profits comes from taking the time to get knowledge and information about what it is going to take. You need to know all those details like:

o Where to host your site?

o How much will it cost?

o Do I want to start off with a free host or pay for hosting? (I suggest paid hosting. There are many affordable hosting companies who will also help you to some degree selecting and paying for your domain name and the design/setup of your pages.)

o Where will I advertise?

o How will I advertise?

o Am I providing the product/s?

o Am I reselling, providing a service?

o Am I referring-otherwise known as affiliate or network marketing?

There are probably many other questions that you can think of. Some of those questions will need to be answered before you start. Others you will not even think of until you have gotten started and run into a glitch in the plan.

The point is: Don’t start a business before you know what you are going to do. You will spend more money than you want trying to make is successful.


Do I really have to explain that one?


Without all parts of the equation working together you will never reach your goal.

Don’t worry if you have already started your business. Put it on hold while you step back to refocus your plan or make one if you didn’t have a plan to start out. Make decisions and learn, learn, learn! All the problems you’ve been experiencing have a solution. You need to determine the best solution for your business.

“Wait! How will I make money if I put my business on hold?”

Have you made any yet? No? Then you are not missing anything.

You have to change your current path to change your destination.

Source by Antonia Brooks