If you have the right money seed then you can grow your money tree. The challenge with most people is that they are forced to work very hard at climbing these money trees to get to their wealth. Some find out that there is not much left with so many people climbing and taking from the trees. Others might discover ways of shaking the trees and then scrambling to pick up what falls to the ground. Then there are those people who just plant more and more trees. Warren Buffet is one of those types of people. If you too can pile up some money seeds, find some good soil to work with and have the right skills to nurture these seeds to full grown trees, then you already have the skills required to succeed in the area of ​​financial independence.

However, the first seed has to start with you. To make money you need to have the mind-set of a billionaire. As Warren Buffet put it:

"I always knew I was going to be rich. I do not think I ever doubted it for a minute." -Warren Buffet

You see there are two key areas we need to focus on. The first is adding strength to our beliefs and the second is eliminating doubt or our weakness. William Shakespeare put it best when he said:

"Doubts are traitors of thought which make us lose the good we are of might win by fearing to attempt" -William Shakespeare

So before you embark on a quest to make a fortune plant a few seeds into your mind and focus on conditioning yourself without a doubt to be exactly who and what you really want to be. Sometimes the best money making tips are simply how to think like a billionaire.

Source by Terry Hart