Well, indoors games have their own charm that can be played with friends and family members on various occasions such as social gatherings, parties and festivities. One such popular indoor game is Monopoly that was published by Parker brothers. It is a business game where players acquire wealth while indulging in economy activity such as buying, trading and renting property with money while taking turns with the play of dice. Give the economic trade in the game; it is rightly named as Monopoly. But now the trend of indoor games has become into the new format where not only for the people in the same family, but for everyone in the world!!

However, given the popularity of Monopoly, it was launched as online game. The most popular online Monopoly is Monopoly Tycoon. In this game, board game is replaced by the computer generated graphics. Another computer based Monopoly is Monopoly Casino that is hugely popular as slot game in casinos. Monopoly Junior was launched in year 1999. Some other versions of Monopoly come for Sega and Game Boy Advance that soon became one of the famous PC games. Monopoly as online games can be played along with multiple players. This is an amazing way to enjoy Monopoly with one’s far off living Monopoly lovers who unite to play Monopoly.

With Online Monopoly, one can easily maneuver game and as there is no change element as with the case of board game. Therefore, if you are planning to play online Monopoly, make sure you are aware of the basic gaming format of Monopoly game that helps you in playing to win. So, get stated with online Monopoly in an easy way. Monopoly game was patented by Charles Darrow in 1935 and ever since then it has been a famous board game throughout the world. Board game Monopoly requires a minimum 2 to 8 number of players. Apart from rolling dice, Monopoly requires simple mathematic activity such as addition and multiplication and other basics. However, if we trace the history of Monopoly, it dates back to 1900s when Elizabeth named Quaker woman created this game in order to teach taxation theory to Henry George.

This game was known as the landlord’s Game and in 1934, it was patented by Parker Brothers with the name – Monopoly. As a board game, it had tow versions-the London and the Atlantic City version. In the Atlantic City version, the board has 40 spaces with 28 properties including 3 Chance, 3 Community Chest, Luxury Tax, Income Tax, Jail, Go, go To jail and Free parking. However, in the London version, one finds localized names of places instead of those found in Atlantic City Monopoly board game. Some of the items that are used in playing board monopoly are six sided dice, Title Deed of properties, paper currency, and 32 plastic or wooden houses along with 12 hotels. 16 Chance as well as 16 Community Chest playing cards. In order to get stated with the game, each player has to have $1500. The game continues as each player buys property and sells it while making fortune. The richest player is the winner.

Source by Nitiwat Sanornoi