Montblanc International is undergoes the peak group to serve under somebody’s banner located at a Germany’s high-quality goods fountain pen, the replica watches and fitting’s manufacturer. The trademark takes the recognition by “the white hexagon star”. For the past centry, Mont Blanc makes the classics writing instrument in the world, the Mont Blanc given name is representing art which famously writes, the hexagonal white star mark which the pen goes against, is the European highest mountain peak Mont Blanc bird’s eye view shape exactly, is symbolizing European highest mountain peak Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc) snow range royal crown. Mont blanc Founder: Alfred Nehemias, August Eberstein, Claus-Johannes Voss, Age: 1906; Country: Germany respective organization: Experience peak group. Mont Blanc, founds in the German Hamburg by a stationery business establishment in 1906, accepted Mont Blanc before 1911 the trademark this company by the Simplo Filler Pen Company name establishment. This company afterward by ascended the happy road all, but now for an experience peak group part formally. in 1908, Simplo Filler Pen Company published the first section of high quality security fountain pen – – “to be red and to be black”. in 1910 registered into the official trademark by “Mont Blanc”. in 1924 Mont Blanc the classics the MEISTERSTUCK kindergarten class for six and seven year olds pen appeared on the market grandly. in 1935 started to produce the small leather equipment. in 1992 promoted limits the quantity the release the big literary giant series and the artistic patronne series (other name ruler series). Establishes in the same year Mont the Blanc culture fund, “international art patronne big prize commends in the global scale by annual Mont the Blanc” the long-term support art enterprise’s artistic patronne, and the long-term support and the support are only then handsome by the multi-country youth music the international wind and stringed musical instruments orchestra which is composed, brings honor to the lofty art by this, the promote world peace. In 1997, Mont the Blanc IWC watches series entered the market. in 2000, Mont Blanc founded the written art new chapter by the Bohemia series, the design succinct smooth, exquisite elegant, becomes the modern pop culture the new mark. Mont Blanc product line Mont the Blanc production limits the quantity the version with its standard product different design. The edition including Patron of the Art (every year 4810/888), Writers Edition, Annual Edition, each kind of anniversary commemorative edition (Anniversary Editions), Donation Series with has a commemorative fountain pen. Mozart (Hommage à Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) the series pen, is in the kindergarten class for six and seven year olds series most delicate one section, the penstock slightly is only bigger than a lipstick, the depth asks for the feminine favor. except the pen outside, Mont Blanc also has now: Breitling replica watches Relies on scheduling craft which Switzerland is second to none, Mont Blanc wrist watch series remarkable tradition and perfect design ingenious union. Watch hexagon Bai Xing and the watch case side engrave Meisterstück the inscription, transmits it the remarkable quality which pen inherits with famous world’s Mont the Blanc. Pi Ju: Take south the smooth smooth French lambskin or Italy the calf cowhide as a raw material, the manual manufacture, guarantees reliably durable, but the skin has on each detail to be able to let the human understand Mont the Blanc product excellent elegant and the uncommon value.hereafter also had the jewelry to match series diversification and so on decoration, sunglasses, perfume precious goods, besides the writing instrument, Mont Blanc sells the wristwatch, the leather product, feminine and the masculine jewelry and desk’s appendix now, as well as upscale ready-made clothing, perfume and so on.

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