The call center agents act as a bridge between a company and its targeted customers. Unfortunately enough, these agents have to face the tough challenge of handling one call after another. With the varying customer behavior, it often gets tougher for the management to inspire and activate the self-motivation of their employees. Many contact center firms have already started following few essential ways to keep their employees motivated and focused. You will come to know about these ways in the latter half of the article.

Functioning as a contact center agent can be highly demanding, dynamic and challenging. Today, call center stress is common to all who are associated with the industry. Meeting strict deadlines, quality standards, handling huge call volumes and satisfying the frustrated and angry customers is what the agents manage all through.

To boost the morale of employees in the call center, you need to be a dynamic leader. If employees are found to be miserable, high labor turnover and a consequent low productivity will be the net result. For this reason, it will be important to keep agents enthusiastic, motivated and happy all the time.

The job requirement of the call center agents is to meet real-time results functioning within the confines and rules of the customer service center. Now the question that arises is how a call center keeps its employees happy and motivated. Of course, workplace motivators including non-monetary and monetary perks and incentives will always be there. However, there are equally important ways followed to keep customers happy to reduce the attrition rates and to keep agents contented and happy.

These days, most contact center companies believe it is not easy to motivate agents with money. On the other hand, following few of the motivation tips mentioned below are found to ensure a long-lasting influence, helping to transform the way a company works. These include:

Coaching and Mentoring

This is one of the most helpful ways to keep your agents motivated. Many companies these days follow a comprehensive coaching plan for their employees. Spending more time and coaching the employees help them feel involved within the organization. If you have your own firm, then you can try this because it works.

Being a psychologist

Every individual in your team is a different personality. As they work in a team, it’s the responsibility of the team leader to see through things from their angles as well and communicate with them freely. Most companies follow their own range of activities to help agents open themselves up and help to be what they are.

Shared Responsibility and Delegation

Giving an opportunity to monitor is what offers representatives the chance to involve them within the organizational framework and to boost employee recognition.

Feedback or ‘360 form of evaluation’

Most major contact center firms are trying out ‘360 form of evaluation’. Have you started yet? If not, then allow your employees to evaluate you as an employer as well. Get their feedback and try to improvise on what they mention. Make evaluations and feedback a 2-way process. If you act on the feedback you receive, so will your employees. So you get an opportunity to set example for yourself.

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