While I was checking the Mirror Trader Software for writing this MT Soft Review, I was really shocked to discover the return of MT Soft Software. The only difference is that it was simply called Mirror Trader System at the time. During that time, I reviewed the old MT System on another blog where I revealed that it was a scam. Now with a new name and some changes on the Mirror Ttrader website, many people are wondering if it is an improved system. Perhaps, you’re wondering if this new version is legit and if it can make you rich.

In case you didn’t get it, MT Soft scam is simply an abbreviation of Mirror Trader Software. Even the name has not changed much. I have also been asked several times and that is why I decided to look into the MT Soft Platform. Nothing has really changed- it is still a scam. If you truly want to find out why it is a scam, then you should read this honest review. Do not invest your money until you have read this  MT Soft review to the end.

MT Soft Review- The Scam Mirror Trader Software Exposed!!!

The MT Soft App is an auto trading system supposedly owned by John Harrison, a man who calls himself a trading genius. The main investment mechanism of the app is Mirror Trader company. The site claims that the company is a global investment company that deals with trading algorithm development. The MT Soft software system promises a daily earning of $14,500 per day. I will revisit this claim in the course of the MT Soft review.

It also claims that it is a “no risk” auto trader and guarantees no losses as it supposedly offers high accuracy performance. The MT Soft scam system claims that it is free to use the app and you don’t even need to do any kind of work or anything. Just relax and keep earning. But is this really possible? Can you actually earn $14,500 for doing nothing? Stay with me and find out more.

Who Created the Mirror Trader Software?

Just like when it was first released over a year ago, Mirror Trader Software review Website was supposedly created by John Harrison. The video on the site shows Harrison claiming he is the CEO of the system and the leading developer. But the question I asked myself was; “who is John Harrison?” For someone who claims to be an online trading genius and global investment company owner, there should be some knowledge of him in the business circle.

When I looked up the name on the Internet, I discovered that John Harrison is only a fictitious character. He is a merely paid actor who is simply posing for the real fraudsters behind the MT Soft scam. Not only was there no useful information about John Harrison, the image of him used on the site was easily found on Fiverr. This shows that the real owner of the software is in the dark; a sign that you should stay away. Other suspicious facts uncovered in this MT Soft review below.

 The MT Soft Scam Website Running In The Name of a Fake Company!

Apart from the fake owner, I also looked into the Mirror Trading Company and found out that it does NOT exist. It is not listed anywhere as a company and has no legitimate credentials. It is not a registered company in any nation and should be regarded as a sham. The fact that this MT Soft system requires you to make deposits is enough reason for you to make sure that it is a legit company.

Even on the Internet, there is no mention of the company on any directory. It lacks the necessary licensing and business listing that legitimate businesses have.

Mirror Trader Scam

Fake Earners and MT Software Results Exposed!

On the Mirror Trader website, you will find a moving strip of testimonials by supposed users who are earning $650+ every day. However, like the fake CEO of the MT Soft review site, these people are paid, actors. They are not genuine traders and, perhaps, have no clue what binary options trading is about. You should be careful about the kind of information you see and believe.

The MT Soft Website Gives a “No Risk” Claim. It’s a Lie!

The most outrageous claim made by MT Soft Scam is that there are no trading risks and that users should expect profits on all trading. This is ridiculous and outrightly impossible. In cryptocurrency trading and binary options, there is no guarantee. Everyone knows that there are risks and a high possibility of loss. To claim that there are no risks is highly deceitful.

Fake Brokers Associated With MT Software App

The idea of John Harrison is that you do not need to do anything but simply mirror his trading (those carried out by his brokers). But I have found out that these brokers are also neither legitimate nor licensed. It will be a great mistake if you invest on a binary options trading system that uses fake brokers.

The MT Soft Live Trades are Not Real!

Also, the MT Soft App method shows some completed trades on the MT Soft review website. If you look closely, you’ll realize that these trades are not real. It is simply a graphical creation to deceive members of the public who are unaware of their scheme. It is even more ridiculous because you can see this supposed live results even on Sunday. We all know that the financial market is not open on Sunday. This should convince you that it’s a fake.

Does MT Soft Software Work?

Considering all the claims that this MT Soft Review system makes, I can tell you categorically that it does NOT work. It does not engage in real trading as promised. It also cannot earn you any profits. The main aim is to steal your hard-earned money.

MT Software Results

Is Mirror Trader Software a Scam?

If you want an honest answer to this question. It is YES. MT software is a scam. It doesn’t do anything it promises to do, parades a fake CEO and uses fake testimonials too. Nothing appears right on this system and you’ll do yourself a lot of good if you stay away from it.

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Conclusion- Don’t Even Think about Investing In  MT Soft  Scam Program!

This MIrror Trader Software Review has been able to reveal some truths about the MT Soft scam system. This piece of information should help you make the right choice. There are several auto trading systems out there that can help you earn some real money. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. You best stay away from it.

MT Soft Review :- Scam Mirror Trader Software Exposed !!

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