Names Mason a top Internet marketing coach and this article is very simple. This article is for anyone having trouble with making money online,anyone looking to make ‘Certified Cash’, and my list who I pride on delivering the best resource in the market place to help them make money from home!

Here is my story of my 30 day journey with Craig Davidson’s Certified Cash Club….

When you join a club you look for what it can do for you and to see if it fits the bill and before we begin I gotta let you know I’m a fan of the Certified Cash Club because it ‘fit the bill”.

…Craig Davidson is a house hold name in the affiliate market place so I went ahead and became a member. But my real reason for joining was to get something for my list that would put money in their pocket without breaking the bank and also catch them up to speed with all of the Internet terminology that I just don’t have the time to teach in my training!

My Results

Well in 30 days I made $1,107 without using any site I already had or lists I’ve created. I wanted to just plug in as a new member and see that the manager of the site’s training was converting to sales! Now I was a little quick to some things that a new person may take some time to get.


It’s really automated. with reports that lead you step by step, giving you a free website that you can instantly start marketing with affiliate banners to make you money!

What Was No Bueno

On my 19th day it came to me that Craig Davidson and his club “Certified Cash Club” won’t make you rich! It is limited in teaching automation but the ultimate weapon to making $2000-$3000 a month on auto-pilot!

Would you like to know how I do it?

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Source by Mason Rudolf