I made a bold statement in the first article of this series. There is a 100% success rate in a Christian online home business opportunity if you follow these 6 secrets. As a brief recap we talked about 5 secret tips.
1. Never quit.
2. Find a mentor that is where you want to be and carbon copy what they do.
3. Change your circle of influence.
4. An effective and converting marketing system is the next secret.
5. Effective online marketing strategies that will teach you how to drive massive targeted traffic to your capture page is extremely important.

Secret Tip #6
Know your mission or as some say in network marketing, know your WHY. You can have all the previously mentioned components in place but if you lack the whole mission or reason why you decided to do your own Christian online home business opportunity then you will fail.

If there is no purpose in what you do then why do it? Knowing your mission will help to keep you going, inspired, and motivated. The reason why this is so huge is because when you realize you are doing something that is bigger than yourself and will effect others in a great way, you stay on course.

On the contrary when someone feels like they have nothing to lose they give up quickly. What is critical is that you become emotionally tied to your mission. It should evoke some type of emotion whenever you think about it. Before you get out of bed in the morning and when you lay down at night, think about your mission.

Meditate for about 15 minutes on why you started a Christian home based business. By doing this at least twice a day especially before you get up and go to sleep, you start programming your subconcious mind.
Once your subconcious mind gets a hold of it and you start to feel it in your very being, its only a matter of time before you reach your goal.

This may seem like so hocus pocus stuff but it actually works. If you are reading this I can assume you are not where you want to be in your Christian business opportunity. So you why not try what has been proven to work?

A great example of someone who knew His mission and was passionate about it was Jesus Christ. He didn’t let anything or anyone stop him from completing what He came to do. You need to have the same focus and intensity if you are to be successful.

Everything has been laid out for you. All the basic secrets and tips have been exposed to you in order to be successful. The rest is up to you. Remember you can not do one without the other. All 6 have to be used together. I also mentioned that most never accomplish this because they quit.

Don’t be a quitter. Always think about your mission, follow these 6 secrets and you will be a huge success in your Christian home based business.

Source by Adrian Hines