I’m always asked questions about my online auction secrets.  So here I am ready to share one of my best free online resources with you.  We all know the saying “buy low and sell high” and that applies to all of our online businesses and eBay auctions.  How can you find great items to sell on eBay?  My secret has always been local discount and liquidation stores.  One of the best resources to find these local discount stores is 104Discounts.  This website is free to use and very easy.  I recommend registering to their free and exclusive community for an advanced experience.  Consistency is the key!  And this resource really helps finding local liquidation stores simple and easy.  Everyone in the business community has heard the saying “time is money”, and it’s especially true when trying to earn extra cash on the internet in only a few hours a week.  Since I started to use their free local listings, I have saved hours of research because they provide me 10 discount store listings in my local area.  So very quickly I was able to find what I needed when I needed it. This included contact information, reviews, articles, profiles and many other helpful tools.


So whenever I’m looking to expand my eBay auction business or expand my website inventory, I visit 104Discounts first.  They even make it easy for you to get a map and direction right on the site.  When you find great gems in your local area don’t forget to write reviews and vote for your favorites on the site as well.  It’s really a great way of helping your community and supporting local businesses thrive and grow.  104Discount was my solution to the time consuming task of finding discount niche product to sell on eBay.  No more long hours of research on the internet, or buying outdated lists from scammers.  I enjoy my eBay power seller status while supporting small businesses in my local area.  I know you will love the quality products you’re going to find right in your community.  So if you’re thinking about starting an online business then 104Discount is a great place to find free local discount suppliers.

Source by 104Inc.com